Get Programming with Python in Motion

Get Programming with Python in Motion
Get Programming with Python in Motion
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Get Programming with Python in Motion is a beginner-friendly introduction to the world of writing computer programs, with the help of the easy-to-learn Python language. Expert instructor Ana Bell brings her years of teaching experience at MIT to you with practical exercises that peel back the jargon and let you discover just how great coding can be!

Programming now plays a role in almost every job. It’s time to add it to your resume! Python is great for beginners, and it’s also a language that grows with you. You can use Python for everything from web development to data science. This video course will get you started the easy way!

See it. Do it. Learn it! This amazing liveVideo course takes you on your first steps in the exciting world of computer programming! Packed with hands-on exercises, fun projects, and explanations that make programming a breeze to pick up, you’re sure to get programming when you’re done.

Don’t know anything about programming? No problem! This liveVideo course is designed for people who have never written a line of computer code. Using Python, a language designed for teaching and learning how to program, you’ll learn key skills that every coder needs. First, your instructor Ana Bell guides you through installing Python onto your computer. Then, you’ll work through a few super-easy (and fun!) examples that teach you about how Python looks and works.

After you get started, you’ll learn how to build programs that can automatically repeat actions and make decisions based on the conditions YOU set. You’ll get experience with the process of program writing, and learn to combine different pieces of code so that they can work together. Finishing everything off, you’ll learn ways to make your code more readable and easier to maintain in the future.

This liveVideo course works perfectly alongside Ana’s book Get Programming: Learn to code with Python, each building on the other to give you a complete tour of this great language!

What you will learn

  • Programming skills you can use in any language
  • Variables, expressions, and statements
  • Getting a program to repeat tasks and make decisions
  • Essential best practices for clean and easy to maintain code
  • How to write programs that can interact with a mouse, keyboard, and more!
Table of Contents

01 Why learn to program
02 Basic programming principles
03 Introducing Python
04 Giving names to things
05 Object types
06 Exercise – Convert to hours and minutes
07 String objects
08 Advanced string operations
09 Simple error messages
10 Tuple objects
11 Interacting with the user
12 Exercise – Name mashup
13 Introducing decisions in programs
14 Making more decisions
15 Exercise – Choose your own adventure
16 Repeating tasks with loops
17 Customizing loops
18 Loops with conditions
19 Exercise – Scrabble, art edition
20 Organizing your code into reusable blocks
21 Achieving modularity and abstraction using functions
22 Advanced operations with functions
23 Exercise – Analyze your friends
24 Mutable and immutable objects
25 Working with lists
26 Advanced operations with lists
27 Dictionaries as maps between objects
28 Aliasing and copying lists and dictionaries
29 Exercise – Document similarity
30 Making your own object types
31 Creating a class for an object type
32 Working with your own object types
33 Customizing classes
34 Exercise – Card game
35 Useful libraries
36 Testing and debugging your programs
37 A library for graphical user interfaces
38 Exercise – Game of tag