Get on with Git

Get on with Git
Get on with Git
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Master the basics of the most popular Version Control Systems in less than 24 hours!

This course is designed for anyone who wants to understand source control and it’s need. Throughout the course, you will understand key concepts and grasp techniques that will make you reinvent the way you develop and track data. You will perform tasks, answer quizzes and have hands-on experience with the most popular source control system, Git which is yet another brilliant product from the father of Linux and has a user base of millions of developers. This course does not require any prior experience with Git or GitHub and will help beginners get started with Git as quickly as possible or if you are an experienced user, it will help revise your basic concepts.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Git
Why do we use Git?
Installing Git
Setting Up
Introduction to GitHub
Introduction to Git

2. Git Basics
Creating a repository
The Staging Area
Committing Files
Viewing History and Undoing Changes
Git Basics

3. Advanced Git
Branching Out
Merge Conflicts
Working with Remotes
Pushing & Pulling
Advanced Git

4. Miscellaneous Information
Customizing Git
Advanced Git Commands
Uploading Repository to Github

5. Final Note
Final Note