Functional Programming in C# – Part 2

Functional Programming in C# – Part 2
Functional Programming in C# – Part 2
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Uncover the secrets of functional programming using C# and change the way you approach your applications forever

Functional programming makes your application faster, improves performance, and increases your productivity. C# code is written at a higher level of abstraction, so that code will be closer to business requirements, abstracting away many low-level implementation details.This video will build on from part 1 and will help you develop a deep understanding of the concepts and practices of LINQ in C#. Going forward you will learn about asynchronous programming related to functional programming and will learn to use Async and Await in C#.

This course takes a pragmatic approach and shows you techniques to write better functional constructs in C#. We’ll also show you how these concepts can be applied in business scenarios.

What You Will Learn

  • Work through a LINQ query so you can work with data
  • Compose asynchronous programs to create a responsive application
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Getting Started with LINQ
03 Deferring LINQ Execution
04 Choosing Between Fluent Syntax and Query Expression Syntax
05 Enumerating Standard Query Operators
06 Some More Standard Query Operators
07 Building a Responsive Application
08 The Asynchronous Programming Model Pattern
09 The Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern
10 Asynchronous Programming and Asynchronous Functions