Fullstack Flask: Build a Complete SaaS App with Flask

Fullstack Flask: Build a Complete SaaS App with Flask
Fullstack Flask: Build a Complete SaaS App with Flask
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Build (and deploy) a real SaaS app in 8 weeks using Python and Flask with this self-paced, online course.

Everything you need to build a real SaaS application

Fullstack Flask goes beyond other courses in covering every detail required for a production application.

Here are ten things you will be able to do when you take the course:

  • Build the backend and frontend in Python with Flask
  • Persist data with PostgreSQL
  • 100% Test Coverage
  • Handle real payments with Stripe.
  • Setup and run delayed jobs queues
  • Send emails to your users
  • Build user authentication
  • Learn how to deploy the entire architecture to production
  • Tune the performance of the server and queries
  • Build the foundation for your income-generating SaaS side-project or company

What We Will Build

In Fullstack Flask I will teach you how to use the full power and expressiveness of Python to build a fully functional income-generating web app from scratch using Flask.

Introducing Yumroad

In this course, we’ll build Yumroad: a service for selling digital products online

Real-world architecture

We’re not going to build a simple web-server and be done with it – no way. Instead, we’re going to build out the full architecture of a real-world app. That means, databases, delayed jobs, sending emails, monitoring performance, and a whole lot more.

Payment Forms and Webhooks

We’ll implement custom payment forms – and implement the server hooks to make them work

Stripe Integration

We’ll integrate with Stripe to handle payments for our digital products

Send emails

Our applications often have to email users and in this course, we’ll show you how to do it

Work with APIs

We’ll work with third party APIs to get real world data and bring it into our application.

Table of Contents

1 Intro to Fullstack Flask
2 Building your first Flask Application
3 Getting started
4 Using an API
5 Deploying to Production
6 Rendering Pages
7 Styling & Partials
8 Growing our application with Blueprints
9 Adding Blueprints
10 Using an Application Factory
11 Testing
12 Getting to 100% Code Coverage
13 Our Project: Yumroad
14 Starting from Scratch
15 Databases & ORMs
16 Using SQLAlchemy
17 Building pages using our models
18 Testing Our Routes
19 Building (HTML) Forms
20 Rendering & Processing a Form
21 Editing Data & CSRF Protection
22 User Registration
23 Flask-Login & Sessions
24 Logging Out & Testing
25 DB Relationships & Migrations
26 Implementing Relationships
27 Migrations
28 Sending emails
29 Payments UI
30 Stripe Implementation
31 Testing Payments
32 Creating Asset Bundles
33 Errors
34 Delayed Jobs
35 Improving Performance
36 Deployment
37 Yumroad To Ignite
38 Introducing Ingite
39 Ignite Demo
40 Getting Started with Ignite