Firebase Application Development Projects

Firebase Application Development Projects
Firebase Application Development Projects
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Practical projects for developing seamless application experiences using Firebase

Firebase makes web application development fast and easy. It frees developers from having to build many backend services.

In this course, you will build four different projects—ranging from creating a Serverless Web Application to displaying data from a database, building an authentication system to verify users, creating a blog that updates in real time, and finally building a chat application.

By the end of the course, you will have learned to integrate Firebase into your application and use it as a powerful backend to create great applications by reducing the cost of backend functionalities and time spent developing applications.

The video course is organized in such a way that viewers can get the satisfaction of applying what they learn immediately while mastering practical and useful techniques for building robust Firebase applications. Each video places a heavy emphasis on trying the code out in a generic way using the browser’s developer tool console and applying it in a specific way to build an actual application.


  • How Firebase helps speed up the development process
  • Save time and customize your own authentication system
  • Easily send and receive data from your database
  • Create real-time web applications with full CRUD operations
  • Utilize Firebase functionality within the React framework
  • Create a real-time Chat application within an app
  • Deploy and host a serverless web application