Finding New Career Paths with SQL

Finding New Career Paths with SQL

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The SQL language is widely used and can be applied to a variety of technical fields such as data warehousing, application development, data science, and more. If you are familiar with SQL language or interested in learning more about it, join Nikiya Simpson in this course as she helps you design a career around this skillset, whether you are early in your career or if you are looking for a change. Nikiya explores different career areas and looks at specific examples of each so you know a little about what each entails before deciding to go down a particular path. If you’re wondering how to market your skills and discover where you can take your career using SQL knowledge you already have, join Nikiya in this course.

Table of Contents

1 Starting your new career path with SQL
2 Assessing your current SQL skills

1. Designing Your Career with SQL Skills
3 Finding where your interests intersect with your SQL skills
4 Identifying gaps and opportunities to learn
5 Possible career paths that can use your SQL skills

2. Analytics and Marketing with SQL
6 SQL in digital marketing
7 Modern data visualization and dashboards

3. Data Science and SQL
8 Data science overview
9 Descriptive analytics and research
10 Predictive analytics and machine learning using SQL

4. Engineering with SQL
11 Introduction to engineering and database administration using SQL
12 Web development
13 Mobile app development and knowledge transfer
14 Data engineering and cloud computing
15 Database administration

16 Extending your SQL career