Figma for UX Design

Figma for UX Design

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Do you use Figma for review and collaboration, use it for interaction design, or just need a quick introduction to this tool? In this course, instructor Eric Nordquist steps through creating projects in Figma, then shows you how to use prototyping, collaborate with other designers, and export your files. Eric begins by introducing you to Figma, explaining the differences between the online and desktop versions, as well as how to design a file. Then he covers all the main steps in creating a project, such as creating the hero section, applying Auto Layout, using masks, and more. Eric explains prototyping and how to use interactions and Smart Animate. After going over how to use Figma to work with other designers, he finishes up with useful tips on how to export your files.

Table of Contents

1 Migrating to Figma
2 Expectations

1. Orienting Yourself within Figma
3 Creating your first project
4 Overview of a design file

2. Project Creation
5 Creating project styles
6 Creating the hero section
7 Applying Auto Layout
8 Creating a responsive button
9 Using masks

3. Prototyping, Collaborating, and Exporting
10 Prototyping with Smart Animate
11 Working with other designers
12 Collaborating with stakeholders
13 Exporting files

14 Wrap-up