Fault Tolerant Web Service Requests with Polly

Fault Tolerant Web Service Requests with Polly
Fault Tolerant Web Service Requests with Polly
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Polly is a resilience framework for .Net. With Polly, your applications will easily handle transient failures and longer outages in remote web services. This course will teach you how to use all the major features of Polly.

Failures happen when calling remote services and handling these failures has never been easy. That was the case until the Polly project came along. Polly is a resilience framework for .Net. In this course, Fault Tolerant Web Service Requests with Polly, you will learn how to make your applications resilient to a wide range of failures and outages in remote services. First, you will learn to use the simple and very powerful retry policies. Next, you will see how to use some of the other policies offered by Polly like caching and fallback. You will also learn how to reuse policies across multiple applications and how to unit test everything. Finally, you will explore how to use the more advanced features of Polly - the circuit breaker and bulkhead isolation. By the end of the course, you will be able to use all the features of Polly to build robust applications that can tolerate short and long term outages in remote services.

Table of Contents

01 - Course Overview
02 - Introduction
03 - Calling Remote Services
04 - Course Overview
05 - Why Web Service Requests Fail
06 - Resilience Strategies - The Big Picture
07 - Reactive Strategies - Responding to Problems
08 - Proactive Strategies - Preventing Problems
09 - Simple Demo of Polly Retries
10 - Course Prerequisites
11 - What is a Resilience Framework
12 - Using the Retry Policy
13 - Polly Interfaces
14 - Using the Wait and Retry Policy
15 - Using Delegates to Do More with Policies
16 - How to Perform Reauthorization with a Retry When Needed
17 - Returning a Default When the Request Fails with the Fallback Policy
18 - Handling the HttpClient Timeout
19 - Setting Your Own Timeout with Polly Timeouts
20 - Combining Timeouts, Retries, and Fallbacks
21 - Summary
22 - Reusing with Dependency Injection and the Polly Registry
23 - Code Demos
24 - Comparison of Approaches and Summary
25 - Introduction to Unit Testing in Polly
26 - Testing a Simple Policy
27 - Testing the Polly Registry
28 - Testing the Policy Holder
29 - Summary
30 - Introduction
31 - Wrapping, What It Is, and Why You Would Do It
32 - Building a Policy Wrap
33 - Summary
34 - Introduction
35 - The Context and Its Use
36 - Writing the Policy and Populating the Context
37 - Summary
38 - Introduction to the Polly Cache
39 - Working with the Polly Cache
40 - Summary
41 - How the Circuit Breaker Works
42 - Using the Original Circuit Breaker
43 - Using the Advanced Circuit Breaker
44 - Summary
45 - The Bulkhead Isolation Policy
46 - The Bulkhead Isolation Policy in Action
47 - Summary
48 - The Future of Polly