Getting Familiar with Windows Server 2016 Administration

Getting Familiar with Windows Server 2016 Administration
Getting Familiar with Windows Server 2016 Administration
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Delve into the latest features of Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is the server operating system from Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, developed concurrently with Windows 10.

This video course starts by walking you through the installation and initial configuration of Windows Server.

Then you will learn how to navigate the new modern Windows interface and master common post-installation tasks recommended for getting your Windows server ready for production use.

Next, you will learn basic security and networking tasks and basic management tasks for the DNS and DHCP features. You will also create a domain, join other computers to it, and perform basic monitoring and backup tasks.

Finally, you will get to grips with Hyper-V, how to add the Hyper-V Role in Windows Server 2016, and how to create a virtual machine.

You will also become confident in installing and configuring Windows Server; setting up a domain in Active Directory; adding and removing users, groups, and systems from Active Directory; and monitoring the health of your system.

By the end of this volume, you will have taken your skills one step further by troubleshooting errors and problems in Windows Server 2016.

This video course takes a pragmatic approach and will be your companion in exploring the latest features in Windows Server 2016.

What You Will Learn

  • Navigate the new Windows interface and get your Windows server ready for production use with post-installation tasks
  • Create an Active Directory domain and join other computers to it
  • Perform basic, security, networking, management, monitoring, and backup tasks
  • Virtualize your Windows Server 2016v interface with Hyper-V
  • Troubleshoot errors and problems in Windows Server 2016
Table of Contents

Installation and Setup
1 The Course Overview
2 Installing Hyper-V
3 Configuring Hyper-V
4 Windows 2016 Editions and Installation Types
5 Installing Windows Server 2016

The Modern Windows Interface
6 The Start Menu and Taskbar
7 Start Menu and Taskbar Pinning
8 Start Menu_Taskbar Settings
9 Using Search

Initial Configuration Tasks
10 Server Manager
11 Configuring Your PowerShell Environment
12 Managing Local Users and Groups
13 Installing Windows Features

Security and Networking
14 Configuring Password Policy
15 Managing Windows Firewall
16 Multi-homing and Static Routes
17 NIC Teaming
18 Network Diagnostics

Active Directory
19 Installing and Enabling Active Directory
20 Managing Organizational Units
21 Managing Active Directory Users and Groups
22 Joining the Domain
23 Group Policy Overview

24 Configuring DNS
25 Creating A and AAAA Records
26 Creating CNAME Records
27 Configuring DHCP Scope
28 Configuring DHCP Reservations

Monitoring and Backup
29 Monitoring with Server Manager
30 Searching Event Logs
31 Using Task Manager
32 Evaluating System Performance
33 Configuring Windows Server Backup
34 Restoring from Windows Server Backup

Virtualizing Windows Server
35 Hyper-V Component Overview
36 Hyper-V Licensing Overview
37 Installing Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016
38 Differencing Disks

Troubleshooting Windows Server
39 Troubleshooting Review
40 Disk Tools
41 System File Checker