Factor Analysis: Excellent Guide With SPSS

Factor Analysis: Excellent Guide With SPSS

English | 2021 | ISBN: 979-8705490257 | 402 Pages | EPUB, AZW3 | 348 MB

Factor Analysis is the excellent data reduction statistical technique for the very best explanation of occurrences with SPSS. What if you could find the superb explanation to numerous occurrences just by tapping a few computer buttons? Yes. You can with this book.
It practically provides a stunning approach for fundamental discovery of the few underlying explanatory factors responsible for high interrelations among a myriad of manifest variables.

Using SPSS syntax and SPSS dialog boxes selection methods, Peter James Kpolovie has explicitly simplified:

  • Factor Analysis.
  • Higher-Order Factor Analysis.
  • Factor extraction techniques.
  • Orthogonal factor rotation approaches.
  • Oblique factor rotation procedures.
  • Factor Scores estimation methods.
  • Factor-Based Scales generation strategies.
  • Complete SPSS procedural steps for the analysis.
  • Exceptional interpretation of the undistorted outputs.

Every user of the book can effortlessly attain expert knowhow of SPSS application in Factor Analysis. Purchase a copy now. Increase your efficacy, efficiency and income meaningfully with the new skills.

The book is the third in the IBM SPSS Statistics Excellent Guide series.