Exploring Performance and Scale with Data Options in Azure

Exploring Performance and Scale with Data Options in Azure
Exploring Performance and Scale with Data Options in Azure
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Relational engines can be a solid choice for working with data, but Microsoft Azure offers many additional options, each with its own unique performance characteristics, features, and capabilities. In this course, Mike Benkovich explores what those options are and how to get the most from your investment. Mike explores storage options, including relational, NoSQL, and document databases, showing the pros and cons of each one. He steps through how to convert a real application that uses SQL Server to use Cosmos DB and Azure Storage. Plus, he looks at how to leverage storage patterns to make the most out of your investment in the cloud.

Topics include:

  • Creating modern data applications
  • Working with relational databases
  • Cloud features of Azure SQL
  • Working with Cosmos DB
  • Using Azure Storage
Table of Contents

1 Azure data options for modern cloud apps
2 What you should know
3 Exercise files and the demo app
4 Data management systems
5 Modern data applications
6 Create a modern data application
7 Becoming a cloud app
8 Azure Blueprints and landing zones
9 Infrastructure deploy
10 Challenge Create a blueprint
11 Solution Create a blueprint
12 SQL Azure overview
13 Provisioning SQL Azure database
14 Designing for relational
15 Entity Framework and SQL
16 Data migrations and SQL Azure
17 Cloud features of SQL Azure
18 Challenge Add core owners table
19 Solution Add core owners table
20 Overview of Cosmos DB
21 Provisioning Cosmos DB
22 Coding patterns for Cosmos
23 Code changes for Cosmos SDK
24 Designing for performance in Cosmos
25 Challenge Convert app to Cosmos
26 Solution Convert app to Cosmos
27 Overview of Azure Storage
28 Provisioning Azure Storage
29 Azure Blob Storage
30 Add Azure Storage account
31 Add upload to Blob Storage
32 Azure Table Storage
33 Azure Table Storage
34 Azure Storage Queues
35 Challenge Queue storage
36 Solution Queue storage
37 Teardown video
38 Next steps