Expert Ruby on Rails 5

Expert Ruby on Rails 5
Expert Ruby on Rails 5
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Unleash the power of Rails 5 to build modern web applications

Ruby on Rails is an extremely productive web application framework written in Ruby. This course will show you how to make production-ready, efficient, and secure applications using Ruby. You’ll see how to use the framework to make web applications that your users and clients will love.

We start the course by Installing Ruby and Rails and quickly create an application using generators and scaffolding, while understanding how the Rails automations work and why that makes Rails 5 such an easy and productive web-development framework. We will then see how to implement a data model for your App, set up authentication and authorization for your customers and create user-friendly, fast-loading views. You will learn how to create and configure a Rails 5 application and use its new features such as Rails 5 API and ActionCable. Finally, we will take advantage of the new Rails 5 functionality to set-up messaging and presence status for your users and learn how to test these exciting new features.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a Rails 5 App and understand its structure
  • Integrate and use Minitest in Rails
  • Set up data models and relationships for your app’s data
  • Enable authorization for your users using the Devise gem
  • Use the Rails 5 API capability to enable messaging
  • Design and create a REST API
  • Use the Rails 5 ActionCable to implement real-time status updates for your users
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Setting Up Ruby on Rails
03 Cloud Deployment
04 Rails 5 and Ruby 2.3.1
05 Creating a New Rails 5 Project and Configuring an Alternative Database
06 Application Structure
07 Database
08 Testing
09 Authentication with Rails
10 Installing and Configuring Devise
11 Integrating Devise
12 Customizing Devise
13 Creating a Data Model
14 Building Relationships
15 Validations and Constraints
16 Fixtures and Tests
17 Routes and Resources
18 Layouts and Stylesheets
19 Controllers and Actions
20 Testing Controllers
21 RESTful APIs
22 Creating an API Project with Rails
23 Authenticating API Clients
24 Refining the API
25 Consuming the API
26 What Is ActionCable
27 Setting Up for ActionCable
28 Creating Notifications