Excel Power Query Tips and Techniques

Excel Power Query Tips and Techniques
Excel Power Query Tips and Techniques
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Learn timesaving tips on using Power Query, also called Get & Transform, a data connection technology that simplifies gathering, connecting, combining, and refining data in Microsoft Excel and Power BI Desktop. Power Query is simple to use but can be especially powerful when you learn a few techniques. In this course, instructor Oz du Soleil demonstrates customizing your Excel environment, then dives into organizing your work. He offers strategies for working with queries including referencing, duplicating, and renaming queries. Finally, Oz shows how to approach tasks where Power Query works differently from Excel.

Topics include:

  • Customizing your environment
  • Disabling data type auto detect
  • The Power Query function library
  • Staying organized
  • Referencing queries
  • Testing and development
  • Duplicating vs. referencing a query
  • Renaming queries
  • Power Query peculiarities
  • Filtering and sorting
Table of Contents

1 Get more from Power Query
2 What you should know
3 Disable auto detect data type
4 View monospaced
5 Rename column
6 Move, insert, and delete query steps
7 Rename steps in a query
8 Determining query dependencies
9 Navigate to new source
10 Change load-to destination
11 Reference a query
12 Duplicate a query Recycling
13 Duplicate a query vs. reference a query
14 Delete steps until the end
15 Cross join Matching everything with everything
16 Rename queries
17 Copy and paste queries to a new workbook
18 Merging and segmenting data Anti-join
19 Merge queries as new
20 Filtering in Power Query
21 Sorting in Power Query
22 Pass parameter Drill down to a single value
23 Prevent table from resizing
24 Transformation table
25 Filter for certain files when importing from a folder
26 Warning Two types of merges
27 Splitting columns