Excel: Macros and VBA for Beginners

Excel: Macros and VBA for Beginners
Excel: Macros and VBA for Beginners
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If you have tasks in Excel that you do repeatedly, you can record a macro to automate those tasks. Many people assume macros are complicated and reserved only for Excel power users or professionals with computer programming experience. Not so! In this short course, Excel guru and Microsoft content developer Chris “Smitty” Smith explains how to work with the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language to set up a basic macro in Excel to record your mouse clicks and keystrokes. Learn how to save time in Excel with macros.

Table of Contents

1 Save time with Excel macros and VBA

Understand Macros and VBA
2 What is an Excel macro

Record a Macro
3 Enabling the Developer tab to expose VBA tools
4 Recording your first macro
5 Assign a macro to a button

Edit the Macro
6 Introduction to Visual Basic (VBA)
7 Reading your recorded code
8 Testing recorded macros
9 Adjusting recorded macros
10 Making recorded macros dynamic
11 Rules of thumb for testing
12 How to step through code when testing

13 Next steps