Exam Prep: CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005)

Exam Prep: CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005)

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Are you preparing to take the CompTIA Server+ certification exam? In this course, experienced consultant and trainer Ed Liberman goes over everything you need in order to pass your exam. Ed explores in detail the four main topics covered on the exam: server hardware installation and management, server administration, security and disaster recovery, and troubleshooting. He explains the details of the exam, including how to get yourself ready for the exam, how to register for the exam itself, and what to expect when taking the exam. Ed concludes with useful details on how to make the most of the practice tests.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to this course
2 What you should know

1. Server Hardware Installation and Management
3 Install physical hardware
4 Deploy and manage storage
5 Server hardware maintenance

2. Server Administration
6 Install server operating systems
7 Network infrastructure services
8 Server functions and features
9 High availability
10 Virtualization
11 Scripting basics
12 Asset management and documentation
13 Licensing concepts

3. Security and Disaster Recovery
14 Summarize data security concepts
15 Summarize physical security concepts
16 Identity and access management
17 Security risks and mitigation strategies
18 Server decommissioning concepts
19 Server hardening methods
20 Backups and restores
21 Disaster recovery

4. Troubleshooting
22 Troubleshooting theory and methodology
23 Troubleshoot common hardware failures
24 Troubleshoot common software problems
25 Troubleshoot storage problems
26 Troubleshoot network connectivity issues
27 Troubleshoot security problems

5. Prepare for the Exam
28 The Server+ exam
29 Take the Server+ exam
30 Exam tips
31 Use practice tests

32 Next steps