Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects

Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects
Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects
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Step-By-Step: Real-World dApps On The Blockchain Using Latest Solidity, Web3js, Truffle, TestRPC and MetaMask!

Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects - is the most complete Ethereum Blockchain Development course online helping you to build complex, real world, ethereum based distributed applications using solidity successfully.

More About The Ethereum Developer Masterclass

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to start there journey with the Blockchain, Solidity, and Ethereum whilst building something large and meaningful. Those who have an interest in advanced coding, including proven workflows and techniques will thoroughly enjoy this course!

Why Should You Enroll On This Course?

1. In this course we’ll be detailing every aspect of the Ethereum Blockchain Development Ecosystem with you at an advanced level, enabling you to go forth to build complex Decentralised Applications using Solidity.
2. Within this course we’ll be guiding you through the process to create and launch your own Initial Coin Offering upon Ethereum, you’ll then understand how it works on a technical level.
3. By taking and completing this course we’ll guide you through the steps to help you successfully build your very own completely decentralized exchange, and deploy it to Rinkeby-Testnet.

What Will I Learn?

  • We Go Through Ethereum Development Ecosystem In Detail.
  • You’ll Have Built A Completely Decentralized Exchange & Deployed It To Rinkeby-Testnet.
  • Create & Launch Your Own Initial Coin Offering Upon The Ethereum Blockchain.
  • You’ll Learn Exactly What An ERC20 Token Is In The Cryptocurrency World.
Table of Contents

Welcome To The Ethereum Developer Masterclass
1 Course Introduction
2 Course Files

Basics Of Blockchain Development
3 Section Introduction
4 Basic Concepts Of The Blockchain
5 How A Smart Contract Works
6 Ethereum Blockchain Nodes Explained
7 Difference Between A Call & A Transaction
8 The Genesis_Json File & How You Create A Private Network
9 ASSIGNMENT - Create Your Own Private Network
10 How To Use The Ethereum TestRPC & Why A Mnemonic Is Important
11 Dapps_ Web3 & The Communication Between Javascript And The Blockchain
12 A Quick Note On The Following Lectures
13 Mist & The Ethereum Wallet
14 Mist & The Ethereum Wallet (Practical)
15 Troubleshooting Tips For Mac & Linux - The IPC File
16 ASSIGNMENT - Connect MIST and Geth and Mine Some Ether
17 Let8217s Take A Look At MetaMask
18 Let8217s Have A Look At Remix
19 How To Install & Use Truffle
20 This is Exactly How You Use Structs and Mappings in Solidity
21 Section Wrap-Up

ERC-20 Tokens & Initial Coin Offerings
22 Section Introduction
23 What Is An Ethereum Based Initial Coin Offering_
24 ERC-20 Ethereum Sample Token Contract Analysis
25 Launching Our Own ICO Token On Our Private Network
26 Watching Our Token Contract In Mist_Ethereum Wallet
27 Moving Tokens Between Accounts
28 Section Wrap-Up

Our Distributed Exchange
29 Section Introduction
30 What Is An Exchange & How Do They Work_
31 What We're Going To Integrate On The Blockchain
32 Interface Of Our Contract In Detail
33 Difference Between A Market-Order & A Limit-Order
34 Datatypes We're Going To Implement In Our Contract
35 The Events Our Contract Should Emit
36 Section Wrap-Up

Solidity Security & Best Practices For Working With It
37 Section Introduction
38 A Library In Solidity & How It Works Explained
39 Importing Source Files
40 Difference Between _Send_ _Transfer & _Call()()
41 Difference Between _Send_ _Transfer & _Call()() (Practical)
42 Exception Handling_ Require()_ Assert() & Revert()
43 Exception Handling_ require()_ assert() and revert() practical examples
44 Difference Between Remix_ Truffle_ Webpack & Angular
45 Important Aspects For Solidity Security
46 Section Wrap-Up

Implementation Of The General Structure Of Our Contract
47 Section Introduction
48 General Contract Structure
49 The Data-Structures We Need
50 How To Add Symbols To The Contract
51 ASSIGNMENT - Add New Symbols On The Fly As Admin
52 Discussion & Solution Of The Assignment
53 Section Wrap-Up

Truffle_ Contract Management & Testing
54 Section Introduction
55 How To Install Truffle
56 The Truffle Directory Structure
57 Looking At The Truffle Config File
58 Troubleshooting Truffle On Windows
59 Using Truffle In Combination With EthereumJS-TestRPC
60 Let8217s Add Our FixedSupplyToken Contract
61 ASSIGNMENT - Let8217s Add Our Exchange Contract
62 Let8217s Add Some Tests For Our FixedSupplyContract
63 ASSIGNMENT - Add Two More Automated Tests To Truffle
64 Discussion & Solution Of The Assignment
65 Section Wrap-Up

Implementation Of Deposits & Withdrawals
66 Section Introduction
67 Implementation Of Deposit & Withdrawal In Theory
68 Implement The Deposit & Withdrawal Of Ether
69 ASSIGNMENT - Implement The Token Withdrawal Function
70 Discussion & Solution Of The Assignment
71 How The Token Withdrawal Function Should Work
72 Testing The Ether Deposit_Withdrawal Function
73 ASSIGNMENT - Test The Token Deposit_Withdrawal Functions
74 Discussion & Solution Of The Assignment
75 Section Wrap-Up

76 Section Introduction
77 The Events We Want To Emit
78 Lets Implement The Events
79 ASSIGNMENT - Get The Events Emitted For Deposit & Withdrawal Of Ether
80 Lets Test The Events In Truffle

Implementation Of Limit Orders
81 Section Introduction
82 The Theory Behind Limit Orders
83 Implementation Of The Limit Buy Order
84 ASSIGNMENT - Limit Sell Order Function
85 Discussion & Solution Of The Assignment
86 Implementation Of The Order Buy Book
87 Testing Orders & the Order Book In Truffle
88 ASSIGNMENT - Implement The Sell Order Book
89 Discussion & Solution of the Assignment
90 Implementation Of The Cancel Order Function & Problems In Remix
91 ASSIGNMENT - Test The Whole Cancel Order Function In Truffle

Implementation Of Market Orders
92 Section Introduction
93 How Market Orders Can Work
94 Implementation Of The Market Sell Order Function
95 Let8217s Test The Function In Truffle
96 ASSIGNMENT INTRO - Market Buy Order
97 ASSIGNMENT- Implement The Market Buy Order Function
98 Discussion & Solution Of The Assignment

Truffle & The HTML Front-End With Web3
99 Section Introduction
100 What Our Front-End Will Be Able To Do
101 Tips & Tricks For Installing And Working With The Front-End Tools
102 Scaffolding Our 8UManagetoken8221 Site
103 Implementing A Function To Get The Balance Of Tokens
104 Implementing The Function To Send Tokens Between Accounts
105 ASSIGNMENT - Implement The Token Allowance
106 Discussion Of The Assignment
107 Adding A Function To Add A Token To The Exchange
108 Lets Test With MetaMask & Wrap This Section Up

Web3 & Events
109 Section Introduction
110 Difference Between Watching & Getting Events
111 Setting Up An Environment To Test Events
112 Testing The Differences Between Watching & Getting Events

Deposits & Withdrawals
113 Section Introduction
114 Updating Our Index_Html File With The Menu & The Right Forms
115 Adding The Logic For Showing The Token & Ether Balance
116 Adding The Deposit Token Logic
117 ASSIGNMENT_ Add The Logic For Withdrawal Of Tokens
118 Discussion Of The Assignment
119 Testing The Deposit & Withdrawal Of Tokens
120 Lets Add The Deposit Of Ether
121 ASSIGNMENT - Add The Logic For Withdrawal Of Ether
122 Discussion & Wrap Up Of The Withdrawal Ether Functions

123 Section Introduction
124 HTML Site For Our Trading Functionality (Part 1)
125 Final Trading Site (Part 2)
126 Listen To The Trading Events
127 Get The Order Books Right
128 Lets Test What We Have With MetaMask & TestRPC
129 Adding A Function To Sell Tokens
130 Test The SellToken Function & Observe The Events
131 ASSIGNMENT - Add A Function To Buy Tokens
132 Discussion Of The BuyToken Function

Deployment Of Our Contract
133 Section Introduction
134 This Is The Rinkeby Test-Net
135 Lets Sync In The Test-Net
136 Getting Your Accounts From Private Net To Rinkeby Test-Net
137 Getting Our First Ether From The Rinkeby Faucet
138 Start Geth With The Right Parameters
139 Adjusting The Truffle Config-File & Preparing For Deployment
140 Opening Our App With MetaMask On The Rinkeby Test-Net
141 Let's Play Around With Our Exchange & Trade Some Tokens Against Ether

Publishing The Exchange
142 Publishing The Exchange To Github Pages
143 The Final Exchange Distributed Application

Congratulations On Completing The Ethereum Developer Masterclass
144 Congratulations On Completing This Masterclass
145 Bonus Lecture_ Next Steps To Take