Learning Enterprise Web Application Performance

Learning Enterprise Web Application Performance
Learning Enterprise Web Application Performance
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Most enterprise apps are moving online. But if your application takes more than three seconds to load, more than 50% of your users will abandon it. Web performance optimization (WPO) helps developers increase conversion and user efficiency while reducing server load. WPO is an essential technique for efficient web-based applications, and it's one every enterprise architect and engineer should master. This course teaches the fundamentals of WPO, including the different types of metrics and charts the experts use to measure critical performance factors like load and interaction times. Discover the right tools for measuring aspects such as parsing and rendering speed, including WebPagetest, built-in browser developer tools, Google Lighthouse, and APIs that allow you to access real-time production performance data. Plus, see techniques that will improve performance on app load and usage on both mobile and desktop devices, increasing user's efficiency and perception of the app.

Topics include:

  • Web performance optimization (WPO)
  • Charts and metrics for measuring performance
  • Measuring performance on different platforms and networks
  • Measuring tools
  • Optimizing networks, parsing, rendering, and images
  • Improving recurrent user performance and interactions
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know
3 Web performance optimization (WPO)
4 WPO in the enterprise world
5 Where to focus our efforts
6 Performance and perception goals
7 Understanding the mobile web
8 The waterfall chart
9 The HAR format
10 Performance milestones
11 Filmstrip views
12 Speed index
13 Measuring on different platforms
14 Measuring on different networks
15 Using WebPagetest
16 Creating scripts with WebPagetest
17 Using Microsoft Edge developer tools
18 Using Safari developer tools
19 Using Firefox developer tools
20 Using Google Chrome Developer Tools
21 Using Lighthouse
22 Measuring on Android and iOS
23 Measuring in production with APIs
24 Loading steps review
25 Optimizing the network, part 1
26 Optimizing the network, part 2
27 Optimizing the parsing
28 Optimizing the rendering
29 Optimizing images
30 Achieving extreme loading performance
31 Meeting your new friend - The cache
32 Fetching for possible futures
33 Put service workers to work
34 Advanced service worker ideas
35 Giving immediate feedback
36 Keeping a consistent frame rate
37 Next steps