Empathy in UX Design

Empathy in UX Design
Empathy in UX Design
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Learn about how to build your empathy skills and create a culture of empathy that enhances user experience and promotes product success. Author Cory Lebson starts by defining empathy and explores how it can help UX professionals, designers, and researchers understand customers’ needs and goals. He moves on to explain how empathy skills can be developed and discusses how to foster empathy and engage stakeholders with empathetic storytelling through the project lifecycle. Cory also covers why empathy is critical for effective user research and design, how to manage difficult emotions while remaining empathetic, and how to be an empathy advocate.

Topics include:

  • Empathy and user experience
  • Building personal empathy
  • Dealing with the pain of empathy
  • Empathy in UX research
  • Storytelling with research findings
  • Choosing methods to tell a story
  • Empathy for career success
  • Designing and delivering empathy
Table of Contents

1 Empathy and user experience
2 What is empathy
3 How empathy relates to UX
4 Where is your starting point
5 Empathy in life
6 Empathy for customers users
7 Empathy through research and interaction
8 Empathy for colleagues
9 Dealing with the pain of empathy
10 Going deeper UX for good
11 Choosing methods to tell a story
12 Involve stakeholders in research
13 In-person vs. remote research
14 Example Experiencing empathy in research sessions
15 Managing emotional research
16 Empathy through flexibility
17 Going deeper Empathy for career success
18 Storytelling with research findings
19 Designing with empathy
20 Example Personas
21 Example Customer journey maps
22 Use your empathy for good