Ecommerce Fundamentals

Ecommerce Fundamentals
Ecommerce Fundamentals
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Got an idea for a product that you’d like to sell online? In this course, instructor Patrick Rauland covers what you need to know to transform your idea into a full-fledged online store. Patrick details several different ecommerce business models, as well as how to choose the one that’s right for you. He explains how to select a target industry or niche area for your business, define the type of customer you’re targeting by creating a persona, and select and validate your product idea. After helping you figure out what you’re selling and who you’re selling to, Patrick delves into the practicalities of getting your product on the market. He shares how to register for permits, develop your brand, and sell your product either in your own online store or in marketplaces. He also shares tips for attracting customers, fulfilling orders, and managing your finances as the sales start rolling in.

Table of Contents

1 Start your online store
2 How to choose an ecommerce model
3 Dropshipping
4 Reselling
5 White labeling or private labeling
6 Manufacturing
7 Handcrafting
8 Choose a target niche
9 Create a persona
10 Uncover pain points
11 Creating and choosing ideas
12 When you should protect your ideas
13 Validate your product idea
14 Calculate product profitability
15 Register your business
16 Register for permits and sales tax
17 Create your brand
18 Your store vs. marketplaces
19 Create your own store
20 Sell on marketplaces
21 Attracting reviews
22 Creating content and influencer marketing
23 Social, display, and shop ads
24 Participate in industry events
25 Understanding fulfillment
26 Managing finances
27 Next steps in building your online store