Docker for .NET Developers with Visual Studio

Docker for .NET Developers with Visual Studio
Docker for .NET Developers with Visual Studio
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Docker—a popular software containerization platform—can streamline the development process by speeding up the setup and configuration of environments. If you're a .NET developer who wants to employ containers in your application environment, this course can help by demonstrating how to leverage Docker in your workflow. Instructor Lee Brandt begins by discussing the role of Docker in the container world, and then goes over basic concepts, including how to run a container from a Docker image, and how to list and remove containers. Lee then walks through a sample project to lend a real-world context to essential Docker tasks, including how to add a Dockerfile to a Visual Studio project, and how to build a Docker image from a Dockerfile. He wraps up the course by discussing how to work with the Docker Compose file format.

Topics include:

  • Why containers?
  • How do containers compare to virtual machines?
  • Creating a Dockerfile
  • Building an image from a Dockerfile
  • Running a container from a new image
  • Working with the Docker Compose file format
  • Pushing images to Docker Hub
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know
3 Using the exercise files

How We Got to Containers
4 Why containers
5 Virtual machines vs. containers
6 Where does Docker fit in

Docker Basics
7 Images and containers
8 List and pull images
9 Work with containers

The Dockerfile
10 The starter project
11 Create the Dockerfile
12 Build an image from the Dockerfile
13 Run a container from the new image
14 Clean up

Docker Compose
15 Docker Compose format
16 The API service
17 The postgres service
18 Running the stack

19 Push images to Docker Hub
20 Next steps