Docker – Hands On for Java Developers

Docker – Hands On for Java Developers
Docker – Hands On for Java Developers
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Get real world, hands-on experience with Docker – deploy a Java Microservice Architecture using Docker and Docker Swarm

A great course if you’re a Java developer looking to get started with Docker. On this course, you’ll be working with a real Microservice architecture built using Spring Boot. Your job will be to deploy the application as a set of Docker Containers.

Optionally, you’ll be able to run the final system in a real cloud environment (AWS), using Docker Swarm.

What you’ll learn

  • Use Docker on production quality Java systems.
  • Distribute systems across multiple nodes in a cluster
  • Publish your own images on DockerHub
  • Know the differences between images and containers
  • Build your own containers from Dockerfiles
  • Integrate Docker into your build process
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Introducing Docker
2 Introducing Docker
3 Images and Containers
4 Containers vs Virtual Machines

Installing Docker
5 Enabling Virtualization Support in the BIOS
6 Docker in Development and Production
7 Installation options
8 Installing Docker Desktop (Mac or Win 10 Pro+)
9 Installing Docker Toolbox (Older Mac or Windows 10 Home Windows 7, 8)

A Deployment Scenario
10 Downloading Images
11 Running Containers
12 Port Mappings
13 Running on EC2 (optional demo)

Managing Containers
14 Docker Hub
15 Finding Base Images
16 Classic vs Modern Docker Commands
17 (Extra) For cygwin users how to avoid TTY errors
18 Running Base Containers
19 Container Lifecycles
20 Errata – avoid using the latest image
21 Practical Running a Tomcat Container

22 Building images with commit
23 Dockerfiles
24 Copying files to images
25 Images Commands (CMD)
26 Copy vs Add
27 Labels vs MAINTAINER

Tomcat Applications
28 Setting up the IDE
29 How to Find Docker Base Images
30 How to Set the RUN Command in Docker
31 What Does the Docker EXPOSE Command Do
32 Removing the Tomcat Default Applications
33 Installing a WAR file

Spring Boot in Docker
34 Spring Boot Applications

35 Pushing to DockerHub

36 Containers and Services
37 Containers Names and DNS
38 Network Management
39 Connecting to a Database Container
40 Network Topologies
41 Is Steve Jobs notable or awesome (optional!)

42 Introducing Volumes
43 Naming Volumes
44 Mount Points

45 Fabric8 Docker Maven Plugin (DMP)
46 Build Problems with Maven Plugin
47 Configuring DMP
48 Integrating with Maven Lifecycles
49 Integrating Pushes with Deploy
50 Jenkins

Docker Compose
51 Why Docker Compose
52 Errata – use image mysql5
53 Compose Files
54 Startup Order
55 Running docker-compose
56 Rolling out changes

57 Orchestration Systems
58 Introducing Swarm
59 Swarm Services
60 Errata – use image mysql5
61 Warning – disable adblocker ublock
62 Play with Docker
63 Monitoring Service Logs

64 Managers vs Workers
65 Building a Stack
66 Service Lifecycles
67 Replicated Services
68 Routing Mesh
69 Visualizer
70 Rolling Updates

Microservices on EC2
71 Introducing Fleetman Microservices
72 Starting an EC2 Cluster
73 Configuring the Cluster
74 Deploying a Stack
75 System Resilience
76 Service Discovery

77 Course Close
78 Bonus Lecture links to other courses