Docker – Deep Dive

Docker – Deep Dive
Docker – Deep Dive
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Are you new to Docker or need a refresher on the current version? If so, then this course is for you!

This course will cover Docker 18.09.4, and you will learn:

  • The basics of how Docker works
  • How to install the Docker Community Edition
  • How to manage images, containers, networks, and volumes
  • Build images using a Dockerfile
  • Tag images and push them to Docker Hub
  • Use Docker Compose to deploy Microservices to Docker
  • Run Docker in Swarm Mode for a more production-ready environment
  • Use Secrets to protect sensitive data like passwords

This course has a number of hands-on labs that will put your Docker knowledge to the test!

Table of Contents

1 About the Course
2 About the Instructor
3 Introduction to Docker

Setting Up Your Environment
4 Using Cloud Playground
5 Installing Docker

Docker Under the Hood
6 Docker Architecture
7 The Docker Engine
8 Docker Images and Containers
9 Docker Hub

Docker Basics
10 Docker Commands
11 Creating Containers
12 Exposing Container Ports
13 Executing Container Commands
14 Docker Logging

15 Networking Overview
16 Networking Commands
17 Networking Containers

18 Storage Overview
19 Volume Commands
20 Using Bind Mounts
21 Using Volumes for Persistent Storage

22 Introduction to Dockerfile
23 Working with Instructions
24 Environment Variables
25 Build Arguments
26 Working with Non-privileged User
27 Order of Execution
28 Using the Volume Instruction
29 Entrypoint vs Command
30 Using .dockerignore

Building and Distributing Images
31 Building Images
32 Using Multi-Stage Builds
33 Tagging
34 Distributing Images on Docker Hub

Managing Images
35 Image History
36 Saving and Loading Images

Container Management
37 Inspecting Container Processes
38 Having Containers Start Automatically
39 Docker Events
40 Managing Stopped Container
41 Managing Docker with Portainer
42 Updating Containers with Watchtower

Docker Compose
43 Installing Docker Compose
44 Compose Commands
45 Creating a Compose File
46 Using Volumes and Networking with Compose

Docker Swarm
47 Introduction to Docker Swarm
48 Running Docker in Swarm Mode
49 Managing Swarm Nodes
50 Working with Services
51 Using Networks in Swarm Mode
52 Using Volumes in Swarm Mode
53 Deploying Stacks in Docker Swarm

Docker Security
54 Introduction to Docker Security
55 Working with Docker Security
56 Docker Content Trust
57 Working with Secrets

Final Steps
58 Next Steps