Docker for ASP.NET Core MVC

Docker for ASP.NET Core MVC
Docker for ASP.NET Core MVC
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Create an impressive .Net Application using Docker

Docker is the world’s leading software container platform. Developers use Docker to eliminate “it works on my machine” problems when collaborating on code with co-workers. Docker is a way of deploying and scaling applications inside a developer’s own virtual environment, in a completely isolated manner.

The course will guide you through setting up Docker on a Windows desktop, running your first ASP.NET Core Docker image, and becoming comfortable managing and running these images. We’ll give you more information on the options available to you for the desktop. Then we’ll show you how to run your containers with the Docker command line, exposing ports and environment variables. Moving on, you’ll build your very first ASP.NET Core application and add a database and linking containers. Then we’ll show you how to debug your .NET application by interacting with your Docker image and debugging it into a container using Visual Studio.

You’ll get a brief introduction to the vast options available to run Docker images inside the cloud: Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Finally, we’ll take a look at Kubernetes, an open source platform originally from Google for deploying, scaling, and managing containers, which is fast becoming the de facto docker management tool for running containers in the cloud.

This friendly course takes you through Docker with ASP.NET. It’s packed with step-by-step instructions and working examples. This comprehensive course is divided into clear bite-size chunks, so you can learn at your own pace and focus on the areas of most interest to you.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the Docker commands to use for your application
  • Build Container images with the docker command line
  • Explore the Dockerfile and docker build
  • Tag and run your first Docker image
  • Customize the dockerfile in your .net application
  • Add your database and link the containers
  • Write a build script to make your .NET core application data-driven and robust
  • Debug images into a container using Visual Studio
  • Use the kops tool to create a Kubernetes cluster in AWS
  • Deploy an image with kubectl in your application
Table of Contents

The Course Overview
Setting Up Docker on the Windows
A Recap of the Docker Commands You Will Need
Hello World Example
Dockerfile and Docker Build
Tagging and Running Your First Docker Image
Getting More Advanced тАУ Introducing Nooptime
Building and Running Nooptime
Passing in Configuration via Environment Variables
Customizing the Dockerfile
Running a Database and Linking Containers
Exposing and Changing Ports with Kestrel
Making Your Dockerfiles Persist тАУMounting a Volume
Getting Ready to Log Your Application
Docker Logs for Your Nooptime App
Interacting with Your Docker Image
Debugging into the Container Using Visual Studio
Docker Scaling Options
Kubernetes with ASP.NET Core