DNS and BIND Deep Dive

DNS and BIND Deep Dive

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Welcome to DNS and BIND Deep Dive. This course is intended for students who have a basic understanding of the Linux operating system and are comfortable with basic sysadmin tasks such as moving around the file system structure, basic command line utilities, and installing packages. Students should also have some basic configuration skills.

In this course, we will work with many BIND configurations such as creating a caching name server, configuring zones and domains, and BIND server security.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
1 Course Introduction
2 About the Training Architect

Introduction to DNS and BIND
3 DNS Types Overview
4 DNS Concepts – Terms and Definitions
5 Zones and Domains

Basic DNS Server Configuration
6 DNS Configuration
7 Configure a Caching Name Server
8 Named Service and RNDC Keys
9 RNDC Configuration
10 Using the dig Command

Working with DNS Zones
11 Configuring for Zones
12 Zone Files and Record Types – Start of Authority
13 Zone Files and Record Types – Common Record Types
14 Creating Forward Zone Files
15 Creating Reverse Zone Files
16 Zone File Validity Checking

Advanced DNS Configuration
17 Configuring Multiple Domains
18 DNS Master and Replication Slave

Securing a DNS Server
19 Split DNS Configuration for Security
20 Running BIND in a Chroot Jail
21 DNS Security Tools – Keys and Signing a Zone File
22 DANE and TLSA Records

Final Steps
23 What’s Next