Django Projects: E-Learning Portal

Django Projects: E-Learning Portal
Django Projects: E-Learning Portal
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Learn Django with a real-world twist: build an e-learning platform

This course demonstrates how to build a modern web application using Django. We start by setting up a best-practices development environment and then quickly move to writing a simple e-learning system, showcasing the key features of Django and its ecosystem. Following Django’s philosophy of being the framework for perfectionists with deadlines, we will take a pragmatic getting-things-done approach, while avoiding decisions that would hurt us in later stages of development. By the end of the course, we will have built a simple e-learning platform, including content management, student registration, and a restful API.

What You Will Learn

  • See how to set up a sane, modern Django development environment
  • Get sufficient knowledge on Django to start developing real-world projects
  • Find out how to develop a web API using the Django REST framework
  • Know how to find your way through the broader Django ecosystem
  • Discover how to evaluate third-party apps, where to go for documentation and advice, and some common pitfalls to avoid