Django + AngularJS for a Powerful Web Application

Django + AngularJS for a Powerful Web Application
Django + AngularJS for a Powerful Web Application
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Learn how to integrate a Django backend with an AngularJS front-end in this step-by-step series.

When it comes to building modern web applications, you need to think about two aspects: the backend and the front end.

Django is one of the most popular backend frameworks in the world.

AngularJS is one of the most popular front-end frameworks in the world.

Together, they make magic. This series is about integrating that magic to show you what’s possible in today’s cutting edge technology.

We’re going to be working with you step-by-step and teaching you everything along the way. By the end, you’ll have a powerful Blog web application driven by the beautiful combination of Django and AngularJS.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Walkthrough
3 Requirements

Downloads Setup
4 Git Django Project
5 Downloading Try AngularJS 1.5

Django AngularJS
6 Single Page App Template View
7 Angular Templates in Django Part 1
8 Static Files in Django Angular
9 Angular Templates in Django Part 2
10 Post Objects API Integration
11 Backend API Serializer Updates
12 Login with Angular and Django Rest Framework
13 ngCookies for JWT Token
14 Create Comment in Backend with http
15 Comment Create API Endpoint Serializer Context
16 Comment List API View
17 Comment ngResource
18 ngResource Create Delete
19 Reply to Comments
20 Toggle View of Content
21 Comment Reply Directive Part 1
22 Comment Reply Directive Part 2
23 Improve Comment UI
24 Interceptor for Login Required responseError
25 Login Required Interceptor Service
26 Render Server Errors with Comments Forms
27 Rendering Login Form Errors Update Comment Form Errors
28 ngInclude for Template Error Pages
29 Improve Blog Usability
30 Render Markdown in Angular
31 User Login API Update in Django
32 User Login API Update in AngularJS
33 Registration API Update in Django
34 Register Detail in AngularJS
35 Comment Delete User Login Update

Thank you
36 Thank you Whats Next