Devops Tools Training: Git,Maven,Jenkins,Docker

Devops Tools Training: Git,Maven,Jenkins,Docker
Devops Tools Training: Git,Maven,Jenkins,Docker
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Implementing Devops to projects

This course helps to understand the devops methodology in detail and help them learn the devops tools and gain handson experience on the tools thereby:

  • Apply DevOps strategies to your projects
  • Understand Continuous Delivery
  • Automate the deployment process
  • Build a highly available and fully scalable application
  • Automate using Ansible
  • Create CI/CD pipeline by integrating the tools

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to build an automated continuous integration (CI) pipeline with Jenkins and its various plugins
  • Apply DevOps strategies to your projects
  • Understand Continuous Delivery
  • Automate the deployment process
  • Reduce release time
  • Release better software
  • Build a highly available and fully scalable application
  • Learn to automate monitoring the infrastructure
Table of Contents

Introduction to Devops
1 Why Devops
2 What is Devops
3 What is Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Lab Setup for Hands-on
4 Lab Setup on AWS
5 Setting up lab on Google Cloud Platform

Version Control System – GIT
6 What is VCS
7 Removing files from wd and local repository
8 Removing files from git local repository
9 Git ignore
10 Git Checkout on files
11 Git Reset
12 Git reset –mixed
13 Git reset –soft
14 Git reset –hard
15 Branching in git
16 Merging in Git
17 Types of VCS
18 Conflicts in Git
19 Git Stash
20 Stash pop
21 Stash apply
22 Partial Stash
23 Stashing unstaged files
24 Delete the stash
25 Remote repository Github
26 Pull requests on Github
27 Git Reset hard
28 What is Git
29 Git Clone
30 Git Pull
31 Git Fetch
32 Conflicts on remote repository
33 Git Architecture
34 Install Git
35 Creating git local repository
36 Understanding working directory, Staging area and local repository
37 Logs in Git
38 Diff command in Git

Build Automation Tool – Maven
39 Why and What is Maven
40 Maven LifeCycle
41 Maven Architecture
42 Pom file in Maven
43 Maven Installation
44 Maven Hands-on

Continuous Integration Tool – JENKINS
45 What is Continuous Integration
46 Create a CICD Pipeline in Jenkins
47 BuildPipeline plugin in Jenkins
48 Scheduling a job in Jenkins using cron tab
49 Scheduling a job in jenkins using Poll SCM
50 Scheduling a job through Webhooks in Github
51 Distributed Architecture in Jenkins
52 Add windows slave and run the job
53 Adding linux slave to jenkins master
54 what is Jenkins Pipeline
55 what is Pipeline as code
56 Introduction to Jenkins
57 Creating job using Pipleine as code
58 what is Jenkins file
59 Create Jenkinsfile to create CICD pipeline
60 Benefits of Jenkins file on SCM
61 Multiconfiguration Project type in Jenkins
62 Setup and Launch Jenkins
63 Creating first Job in Jenkins
64 Notifications in Jenkins
65 CICD Pipeline in Jenkins
66 Maven Compile job in Jenkins
67 Maven Unit Test job in Jenkins
68 Maven Package job in Jenkins

Containerisation Tool – DOCKER
69 what is Docker
70 Container LifeCycle-5
71 Container LifeCycle-6
72 Container LifeCycle-7
73 What are docker volumes
74 Creating Docker Volume
75 Attaching volume to a container
76 Attaching volume to multiple containers
77 Deleting a volume
78 Creating volume with v flag
79 Bind Mounts
80 VMS Vs Containers
81 Migrating Docker volumes
82 Creating our own docker images
83 Default bridge network in docker
84 User-defined bridge network in docker
85 Port publishing in docker
86 Binding ports
87 Deploying docker containers via jenkins
88 what are containers
89 Docker Architecture
90 Container LifeCycle
91 Container LifeCycle-1
92 Container LifeCycle-2
93 Container LifeCycle-3
94 Container LifeCycle-4

Container Orchestrator Tool- Docker Swarm
95 Docker Swarm-1
96 Docker Swarm-2
97 Docker swarm cluster setup
98 Starting Services on Docker swarm cluster
99 HA of services on docker swarm cluster
100 Scaling and load balancing on the swarm cluster

Docker Machine
101 what is docker machine
102 why docker machine
103 Create docker hosts on GCP from docker-machine on linux system
104 Switch the env with docker machine cmnds