DevOps Bootcamp: Terraform

DevOps Bootcamp: Terraform

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Learn Terraform from scratch, from an industry expert. You’ll learn Terraform fundamentals all the way to provisioning real-world cloud infrastructure on AWS so that you go from beginner to being able to get hired as a DevOps Engineer or System Administrator!

We guarantee you that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date online resource to learn Terraform. You will learn Terraform by building a fun and practical project where you provision Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with Terraform, including running EC2 instances. By the end of the course you’ll have gained the skills you need to become a certified Terraform Associate and get hired in 2022!


  • Learn and understand the power of ‘Infrastructure as Code’ technologies
  • Prepare for the Terraform certification exam
  • How to provision cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP) with Terraform
  • Master Terraform from fundamentals all the way to Advanced Modules
  • Learn one of the most in-demand skills for DevOps Engineers and SysAdmins
  • Have the skills and understanding of Terraform to confidently become certified and apply for jobs
Table of Contents

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2 Exercise Meet Your Classmates and Instructor
3 Course Code + Resources

<strong>Terraform and AWS Introduction</strong>
4 Why Terraform
5 Terraform Demo
6 IaC Tool Comparison Terraform vs Ansible
7 Installing Terraform on Linux and macOS
8 Installing Terraform on Windows
9 Installing and Configuring VSCode
10 Monthly Coding Challenges, Free Resources and Guides
11 Creating an AWS Account
12 Creating an IAM User
13 AWS Basics VPC
14 AWS Basics EC2
15 AWS Regions and Zones

<strong>Provisioning AWS Infrastructure with Terraform</strong>
16 Terraform Code Structure
17 Terraform Providers
18 Terraform Configuration Syntax
19 Initializing Working Directories
20 Authenticating  to AWS
21 Creating Resources (Part1) AWS VPC
22 Terraform Plan and  Apply
23 Formatting and Validating Configuration Files
24 Destroying Infrastructure with Terraform10dbb133.autosave
25 Replacing Infrastructure with Terraform
26 Creating Resources (Part2) AWS Subnet
27 Customizing Terraform Configuration with Variables (Part 1)
28 Customizing Terraform Configuration with Variables (Part 2)
29 Creating Resources (Part 3) Default RT and IGW
30 Security Groups and Firewall Configuration
31 Launching EC2 Instances in the VPC
32 Creating an SSH Key Pair for EC2
33 Automatic SSH Key Pair Generation with Terraform
34 Terraform Data Sources
35 Filtering AMI Using Data Sources
36 Query Data with Outputs
37 Understanding Terraform State
38 The Terraform State Command
39 Running Commands on EC2
40 Running Commands Using User Data
41 Exercise Imposter Syndrome
42 Provision Infrastructure with Cloud-Init
43 Terraform Provisioners
44 Terraform Troubleshooting and Logging

<strong>Challenge Provisioning AWS with Terraform</strong>
45 Challenge Instructions

<strong>HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) In Depth</strong>
46 Terraform Simple Types Number, String, Bool
47 Terraform Collection Types List and Map
48 Terraform Structural Types Tuple and Object
49 The Count Meta-Argument
50 Creating IAM Users Using Count
51 The for each Meta-Argument
52 Using Dynamic Blocks
53 Conditional Expressions
54 Terraform Locals
55 Intro to Terraform Built in Functions
56 Using Terraform Built in Functions
57 Using Splat Expressions  in Terraform

<strong>Challenge HashiCorp Configuration Language</strong>
58 Challenge Instructions

<strong>Terraform Remote State and Security</strong>
59 Backends and Remote State Management
60 Terraform Remote State on Amazon S3
61 Implementing State Locking with DynamoDB
62 Terraform Remote State on Terraform Cloud
63 Managing Secrets in Terraform
64 Storing Secrets Using Variables
65 Storing Secrets Securely Using AWS Secrets Manager

<strong>Challenge Terraform Remote State</strong>
66 Challenge Instructions

<strong>Terraform Modules</strong>
67 Intro to Terraform Modules
68 Creating Your First Module
69 Parameterizing Modules (Part 1)
70 Parameterizing Modules (Part 2)
71 Refactoring the Infrastructure Using Modules
72 Accessing Child Module Output Values
73 Refactoring the Infrastructure Using modules (Part 2)
74 Intro to Terraform Registry
75 The VPC Module
76 The Security Group Module
77 The EC2 Module

<strong>Where To Go From Here</strong>
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82 Coding Challenges

<strong>BONUS SECTION</strong>
83 Bonus Lecture