Developing Long-Running Tasks with Microsoft Azure

Developing Long-Running Tasks with Microsoft Azure
Developing Long-Running Tasks with Microsoft Azure
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Explore the core development processes for developing long-running tasks with Microsoft Azure. In this course, instructor Tiago Costa digs into the subject of long-running tasks, looking at queues, WebJobs, Functions, and parallel compute solutions as they pertain to Azure. Learn how to use Azure Storage queues and Azure Service Bus queues, work with the Azure WebJobs SDK, and create Azure functions. Plus, see how to run Azure Batch workloads, view batch quotas, and more.

Topics include:

  • Creating and using Azure Storage queues
  • Using Azure Service Bus queues
  • Security for Azure Service Bus queues
  • Creating and scheduling WebJobs
  • Creating Azure functions
  • Running Azure Batch workloads
Table of Contents

1 Why long-running tasks matter
2 What you should know

Azure Queues
3 Message queue design pattern
4 Azure storage queues overview
5 Create a storage queue
6 Using Azure storage queues
7 Messages using storage queues
8 Security of Azure storage queues
9 Azure Service Bus overview
10 Azure Service Bus queues overview
11 Create an Azure Service Bus queue
12 Using Azure Service Bus queues
13 Messages using Service Bus queues
14 Azure Service Bus queues security
15 Secure Azure Service Bus queues
16 Storage queues and Service Bus queues

Azure WebJobs
17 Azure WebJobs overview
18 Create a WebJob
19 Schedule a WebJob
20 Continuously running WebJobs
21 Using WebJob SDK
22 Sending Webhooks from WebJobs

Azure Functions and the Serverless Era
23 What are Azure Functions
24 Create an Azure Function overview
25 Create an Azure Function
26 Triggers and bindings
27 Azure WebJobs vs. Azure Functions

Large-Scale Parallel Compute
28 What is Azure Batch
29 Running Azure Batch workloads
30 How to monitor Azure Batch solutions
31 Subscription and Azure Batch limits
32 View Batch quotas

33 Delete Azure resources
34 Next steps