Developing Chatbots with Azure

Developing Chatbots with Azure

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What exactly is a chatbot? How does it differ from a bot, how can you develop one, and how can you use it, once it is developed? Instructor Bhavani Ravi walks you through learning about chatbots and developing your first one. Bhavani begins by describing what a chatbot is, what types of chatbots exist today, and how a chatbot differs from bots and applications. She goes over the components of a chatbot system and discusses the natural language processing (NLP) that allows chatbots to understand requests in human language. She steps through designing a chatbot, then shows you the “brain” of a chatbot: ML models. Bhavani shows you how to use ML models to train your chatbot, challenges you to write your own chatbot, then concludes with some projects that you can work on and submit to GitHub.

+ Table of Contents

1 Chatbots are revolutionizing the web

Introduction to Chatbots
2 What is a chatbot
3 Bots vs. chatbots vs. applications

Chatbot Terminology and Architecture
4 Components of a chatbot system
5 Chatbot engine a deep dive
6 Intent classifier
7 Entity extractor
8 Action server

Design a Chatbot
9 Designing conversation for chatbots
10 Identifying intents and entities
11 Challenge Designing conversations
12 Solution Designing conversations

Enhancing Your Chatbot Actions
13 Setting up the Azure account and building an echobot
14 Training QnA Maker and static productbot
15 Training LUIS and dynamic productbot
16 Challenge Write your own chatbot
17 Solution Write your own chatbot

18 Advancing the chatbot ladder