Developing AWS Lambda Functions with Kotlin

Developing AWS Lambda Functions with Kotlin
Developing AWS Lambda Functions with Kotlin
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AWS Lambda lets developers build web services that run in the Amazon cloud—without worrying about configuring servers or paying expensive monthly fees. This course shows you how to create Lambda services, called functions, on AWS using Kotlin—the up-and-coming Java alternative. Speaker and author Troy Miles shows how to create and test a simple Lambda function, and start creating more complex, standalone Kotlin apps with the Spark framework. He also shows how to connect your service to AWS via the API Gateway, and read and write data from a MongoDB database. Plus, learn how to run, test, and debug your microservices locally. Troy also offers a series of challenges to test your new Lambda programming skills.

Topics include:

  • Creating an AWS Lambda account
  • Creating a simple Lambda function in Node.js
  • Testing the Lambda function
  • Creating Kotlin apps with Spark, IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, and the AWS library
  • Binding the API gateway to your Lambda function
  • Adding data with MongoDB
  • Developing and debugging your Lambda function locally
Table of Contents

01 Welcome
02 What you should know
03 Using the exercise files

About AWS Lambda
04 Creating a free AWS account
05 Pricing model
06 Comparing Lambda to EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk

Hello Lambda
07 A simple Lambda in Node js
08 Testing the Lambda
09 ✓ Challenge - Say your name
10 ✓ Solution - Say your name

Hello Kotlin Lambda
11 The Spark framework
12 IntelliJ, Maven, and Kotlin
13 Maven packages
14 AWS library

Making Your Lambda Web Visible
15 API gateway introduction
16 Implementation
17 ✓ Challenge - What time is it
18 ✓ Solution - What time is it

Adding Data with MongoDB
19 MongoDB introduction
20 Next steps
21 Setting up MongoDB
22 Reading records
23 Writing records
24 Deleting records
25 ✓ Challenge - Sort cars by fuel economy
26 ✓ Solution - Sort cars by fuel economy

Developing and Debugging Locally
27 Running MongoDB locally
28 Running Lambda locally
29 Debugging your Lambda
30 Deleting AWS services