Design Serverless Architecture with AWS and AWS Lambda

Design Serverless Architecture with AWS and AWS Lambda

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Dive into the exciting world of serverless architecture with AWS Lambda

Amazon Web Services continues its domination as the leading cloud service provider on the market. Since serverless applications are gaining a lot of traction, it is extremely important to understand the serverless architecture, to help you build, manage, and secure serverless applications. This video covers all aspects of serverless architectures in Amazon Web Services, which is necessary for working with serverless applications.

This course starts with introduction to serverless architectures and then you’ll delve into design considerations, followed by building a serverless application and deploying it on your serverless architecture. This video covers practical example of deploying and orchestrating a serverless application using DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and API Gateway. Towards the end of the video, we will learn about some security considerations in protecting your serverless application. By the end of this course, you will have mastered working with serverless architectures on AWS Cloud.

The approach this course takes is to be as practical and objective as possible. As a participant, you’ll experience challenges and master them.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the serverless concept, its benefits and challenges
  • Design and build an application based on AWS serverless services
  • Discover AWS serverless services and their various roles
  • Explore the AWS Lambda function in depth
  • Understand interconnections between the AWS serverless and microservice concepts
  • Monitor and trace serverless applications
Table of Contents

Serverless Architecture and AWS Services
1 The Course Overview
2 The Rise of Serverless Architecture
3 AWS Serverless Services
4 AWS Lambda Function

Serverless Usages in AWS
5 Implementing API using API Gateway and Lambda
6 Micro-services Solution
7 DevOps
8 CDN Edge Location

Data Management
9 Data Services
10 Integrating S3 with Lambda Function
11 Integrating DynamoDB with Lambda Function

Monitoring and Logs
12 Logs with CloudWatch
13 CloudWatch Metrics and Alerts
14 Tracing with X-ray