Deno: The Complete Guide Zero to Mastery

Deno: The Complete Guide Zero to Mastery
Deno: The Complete Guide Zero to Mastery
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Master Deno and learn to build professional scale Deno apps! The must learn technology of 2020 for JavaScript developers

Using the latest release of Deno, this course is focused on efficiency. Never spend time on confusing, out of date, incomplete tutorials anymore. Graduates of Andrei’s courses are now working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, + other top tech companies.

We guarantee you this is the most comprehensive online resource on Deno. This project based course will introduce you to all of the modern toolchain of a Deno developer in 2020. Along the way, we will build a strong foundation learning the pitfalls of Node.js, how Deno is different, and some of the ways we can still maintain the power we had with Node.js.

The curriculum is going to be very hands on as we walk you from start to finish of releasing a professional Deno project all the way into production. We will start from the very beginning by teaching you Deno basics and then going into advanced topics so you can make good decisions on architecture and tools on any of your future Deno projects.

All code is going to be provided step by step and even if you don’t like to code along, you will get access to the the full master project code so anyone signed up for the course will have their own project to put on their portfolio right away.

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Deno Fundamentals
  • Deno vs NodeJS
  • Scripting with Deno
  • Modules and Dependency Management with Deno
  • Testing, Building, Debugging Deno Apps
  • Error Handling
  • Deno Developer Environment
  • Deploying Deno Apps to production (AWS + Docker)
  • Securing your Backend applications
  • File Processing with Deno
  • Web Development with Deno
  • Working with and building RESTful APIs with Deno
  • TypeScript
  • How JavaScript works internally
  • Deno architecture and runtime
  • Performance and scalability when it comes to server side programming
  • +more

That’s right. This brand new course will not only teach you the basics of Deno, but it will also teach you the latest features, advanced features, ecosystem, and tools, as well as show you how to build professional scale apps using Deno that most tutorials shy away from.

We believe that Deno is the future and the early investment now by those who are early adopters, will pay off greatly in the future. Imagine learning Node JS or React when they first came out. Imagine the advantage you would have had. We are excited about Deno and you should be too because it will change the Javascript world over the next couple of years.

Let me tell you 3 reasons why this course is unlike anything out there:

1. You will build the biggest project you will find out there using Deno. We will be using best practices where we take performance, scalability and security in mind to build production ready space launch system app . Let’s just say we don’t shy away from the advanced topics.

2. This course is taught by 2 instructors that have actually worked for some of the biggest tech firms in the world. Adam has been working as a tech lead for backend systems for top companies with revenues exceeding $50 billion, including on projects like Tesla Power Wall and Blackberry. He is also an official Deno contributor. I’m Andrei. I’ve worked for large IPOed tech firms in Silicon Valley as well as Toronto and some of my past students work at places like Google and Amazon. By having both of us teach, you get to see different perspective and learn from 2 senior developers as if we are working at a company together.

3. This course will be constantly evolving and updating as the landscape changes. Just as the Deno ecosystem evolves, we want this course to be constantly updated with lectures and resource for you to come back to, in order to find the latest Deno best practices.

What you’ll learn

  • Build enterprise level Deno applications and deploy to production
  • Work with real life data to build a NASA launch system, discover new planets that may contain life + other projects
  • Learn to build secure, performant and scalable large scale applications like a senior developer
  • Learn to lead Deno projects by making good architecture decisions and helping others on your team
  • Become the top 10% Deno backend developer
  • Learn the latest features and best practices in Deno
  • Building RESTful APIs with Deno
  • Master modern Deno fundamentals as well as advanced topics
  • Learn how to use Deno in Web Development (Backend Development)
  • Use Deno to write server-side JavaScript and compare the differences to NodeJS
Table of Contents

1 Course Outline
2 Join Our Online Classroom!
3 Exercise Meet The Community

Deno Foundations
4 Why Deno
5 Exercise Our First Deno App
6 The Most Important Video
7 Deno Internals And Architecture
8 Recommended Path JavaScript Runtimes
9 Deno Metrics
10 Exercise Deno Architecture
11 Web Developer Monthly
12 Deno Runtime And V8 Engine
13 Deno Installation
14 Quick Note Installing Deno
15 MACLINUX Installation Tips
16 WINDOWS Installation Tips
17 Setting Up Our Developer Environment
18 Quick Note Official VS Code Plugin
19 Our First Deno App

Deno vs Node
20 Deno Game Changers
21 Deno Game Changers 2
22 Will Deno Kill NodeJS
23 Single Executable To Rule Them All
24 Deno Security
25 Deno Permissions
26 Deno Permissions 2
27 Deno Permissions 3

Deno Modules And Tooling
28 How Modules Work In Deno
29 Deps.ts
30 Locking Dependencies
31 Deno Upgrade
32 Reviewing Deno Modules
33 Deno Tooling
34 Deno Tooling 2
35 URL Modules
36 Standard Library
37 rd Party Modules
38 Deno Caching
39 Deno Caching 2
40 NPM for Deno
41 Managing Module Versions
42 Where the Bleep is package.json

43 Recommended Path TypeScript

Deno File IO – Planets Project
44 Code Along
45 Exploring Planets With 3rd Party Modules
46 Exercise Exploring Earth-like Planets
47 Reading Files With Deno
48 Async vs Sync File IO
49 Exercise Async vs Sync File IO
50 Importing The Path Module
51 Downloading Our Planets Data
52 Reading Our CSV Data
53 Exercise Resource Leaks
54 Finding Habitable Planets

Exercise SpaceX Launch Data
55 Code Along
56 Quick Note Rainbow Editor
57 SpaceX Customers Data
58 import.meta
59 Exercise import.meta
60 Recommended Path APIs
61 fetch()
62 Fetching SpaceX Launch Data
63 Exercise Making a POST Request
64 Logging
65 reload Cache For Troubleshooting
66 Exploring SpaceX Launch Data
67 Postman and Insomnia

NASA Project Deno For Backend Development
68 Introduction To Backend
69 Exercise Fixing A Security Issue
70 Fixing Our Security Vulnerability
71 Oak Router
72 Method Not Allowed and OPTIONS
73 planets
74 Exercise Populating The Dropdown Menu
75 Planets Data To The Frontend
76 Testing With Deno
77 Testing With Deno 2
78 Testing With Deno 3
79 Deno Backend Frameworks And Libraries
80 Quick Note Replace in Files
83 Logging In Our API
84 Heads UP! Videos Uploaded by June 30th!
85 Code Along
86 Oak
87 What Is Middleware
88 Working With Middleware
89 Reviewing Our Front End Code
90 Exercise Reviewing Our Front End Code
91 Serving Static Files

Where To Go From Here
92 Learning Guideline
93 LinkedIn Endorsements
94 Become An Alumni
95 Coding Challenges

Bonus How JavaScript Works
96 Quick Note Upcoming Videos
97 WebAssembly
98 Call Stack and Memory Heap
99 Stack Overflow
100 Garbage Collection
101 Memory Leaks
102 Single Threaded
103 Exercise Issue With Single Thread
104 Javascript Runtime
105 Node.js
106 Recommended Path Back To Deno
107 JavaScript Engine
108 Exercise Javascript Engine
109 Inside the Engine
110 Exercise JS Engine For All
111 Interpreters and Compilers
112 Inside the V8 Engine
113 Comparing Other Languages
114 Writing Optimized Code

Bonus Learning TypeScript
115 Quick Note Upcoming Videos
116 TypeScript 2
117 TypeScript 3
118 Resources TypeScript Types
119 TypeScript 4
120 TypeScript 5
121 TypeScript 6
122 Resources Type VS Interface
123 TypeScript 7
124 Resources Type Assertion
125 TypeScript 8
126 Introduction To TypeScript
127 TypeScript 9
128 TypeScript 10
129 Dynamic vs Static Typing
130 Strongly vs Weakly Typed
131 Static Typing In JavaScript
132 Quick Note Upcoming Videos
133 OPTIONAL Installing TypeScript Compiler
134 OPTIONAL Installing Node.js + TypeScript
135 TypeScript

136 Quick Note Upcoming Videos
138 JSON
139 JSON vs Form Data
140 AJAX
141 APIs

142 Bonus Special Thank You Gift