Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Guide

Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Guide

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1032028828 | 204 Pages | PDF | 147 MB

Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Guide provides comprehensive coverage of Deep Learning and Machine Learning concepts. Deep Learning and Machine Learning are the most sought-after domains, require a deep understanding and this book gives no less than that. This book enables the reader to build innovative and useful applications based on ML and DL. Starting from the basics of neural networks, the architecture of various types of CNNs, RNN, LSTM, etc. till the end of the book, each and every topic is given the utmost care and shaped professionally and comprehensively.

  • Includes the smooth transition from ML concepts to DL concepts
  • Line by line explanation has been provided for all the coding-based examples
  • Includes a lot of real-time examples and interview questions that will prepare the reader to take up a job in MLDL right away
  • Even a person with a non-computer science background can benefit from this book by following the theory, examples, case studies, and code snippets
  • Every chapter starts with the objective and ends with a set of quiz questions to test the readers’ understanding
  • Includes references to the YouTube videos for providing additional guidance

AI is a domain for everyone. The book is targeted towards everyone irrespective of their field of specialization. Graduates and researchers in deep learning will find this book useful.