Data Science and Its Applications

Data Science and Its Applications

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-0367608866 | 378 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 86 MB

The term “data” being mostly used, experimented, analyzed, and researched, “Data Science and its Applications” finds relevance in all domains of research studies including science, engineering, technology, management, mathematics, and many more in wide range of applications such as sentiment analysis, social medial analytics, signal processing, gene analysis, market analysis, healthcare, bioinformatics etc. The book on Data Science and its applications discusses about data science overview, scientific methods, data processing, extraction of meaningful information from data, and insight for developing the concept from different domains, highlighting mathematical and statistical models, operations research, computer programming, machine learning, data visualization, pattern recognition and others.

The book also highlights data science implementation and evaluation of performance in several emerging applications such as information retrieval, cognitive science, healthcare, and computer vision. The data analysis covers the role of data science depicting different types of data such as text, image, biomedical signal etc. useful for a wide range of real time applications.

The salient features of the book are:

  • Overview, Challenges and Opportunities in Data Science and Real Time Applications
  • Addressing Big Data Issues
  • Useful Machine Learning Methods
  • Disease Detection and Healthcare Applications utilizing Data Science Concepts and Deep Learning
  • Applications in Stock Market, Education, Behavior Analysis, Image Captioning, Gene Analysis and Scene Text Analysis
  • Data Optimization

Due to multidisciplinary applications of data science concepts, the book is intended for wide range of readers that include Data Scientists, Big Data Analysists, Research Scholars engaged in Data Science and Machine Learning applications.