Data Science for Developers

Data Science for Developers
Data Science for Developers
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Data science is reshaping the world the same way PCs did 30 years ago, and every software developer on the planet realizes that understanding artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies is just as important as understanding algorithms and data structures. In this landmark video from Wintellect's chief data scientist, Frank La Vigne explains data science in terms every developer can understand and provides a compelling glimpse at the future of software development.

Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction: Data is the New Oil
00:02:19 The Role of Statistics in Data Science
00:04:43 Agenda
00:05:14 What is Data Science?
00:10:07 The Lingo of Data Science
00:13:10 Machine Learning
00:17:58 Mimicking Human Learning
00:19:22 Cats and Dogs
00:23:56 Data Wrangling
00:26:30 Labels
00:29:26 Exploring Data Through Charts
00:31:36 The Dangers of Overfitting
00:31:51 Decision Boundaries
00:32:42 Conclusion