Data Curation Foundations

Data Curation Foundations
Data Curation Foundations
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Data curation is quickly evolving as a required skill and job function in data teams and organizations. Creating and sharing data curation files can help you more efficiently and effectively manage the work of teams, and leverage their data for analytics and decision-making. In this course, Monika Wahi demonstrates how to develop curation files to document information about datasets and related business processes. Monika provides an overview of five categories of data curation files: files for back-end curation, different files for front-end curation, survey curation files, flow diagrams, and text-based curation files. She goes over a variety of curation files from each category, providing guidance as to how to develop them using Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Topics include:

  • How curation files function as part of data management
  • Back-end curation
  • Front-end curation
  • Steps for dashboard design
  • Designing surveys
  • Creating warehouse, analytic, and application flow diagrams
  • Text-based curation files
Table of Contents

1 Data curation in data science
2 What you should know
3 Structure of the course
4 What is data curation
5 Curation as a management function
6 Data and measurement
7 Overview of back-end curation
8 Overview of front-end curation
9 Overview of curation for surveys
10 Flow diagram overview
11 Other helpful curation files
12 Data dictionary basics
13 Curating study vs. production data
14 Entity-attribute-value (EAV) structure
15 Indexes
16 Entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs)
17 Main tables in a data dictionary
18 Picklists in a data dictionary
19 Leveraging picklists for crosswalks
20 Advanced crosswalks
21 Front-end curation basics
22 Curating database front-end
23 Front-end mock-ups for changes
24 Steps for dashboard design
25 Dashboard mock-up, part 1
26 Dashboard mock-up, part 2
27 Specifying domains
28 Survey mock-ups for online
29 Documenting questions and answers
30 Annotated surveys
31 Survey mock-ups for CATI
32 Paper surveys
33 Documenting crosswalks for data analysis
34 Instruments and scoring
35 Warehouse data flow diagrams
36 Analytic data flow diagrams
37 Application flow diagrams
38 Workflow diagrams
39 Study flow diagrams
40 Data reduction diagrams
41 Standardized code
42 Data reports
43 Founding documents
44 Project-related agreements
45 Manuals
46 Cheat sheets and diagrams
47 Back-end curation
48 Front-end curation
49 Survey curation
50 Flow diagrams
51 Text-based curation files
52 Next steps