Data Analytics: Graph Analytics

Data Analytics: Graph Analytics

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Since the inception of data analytics, the way in which analysts view and interpret data has evolved tremendously. New technologies, tools, and approaches have advanced what’s possible with data analytics, and network analysis is no exception. In this course, longtime data analyst and data visualization expert Heather Johnson shares the fundamentals of using graph analytics, or network analysis, when analyzing data. Heather begins by reviewing the components of a network analysis and detailing the advantages of using a graph analytics approach. She then walks through key applications of using graph analytics when reviewing data. To wrap up the course, Heather discusses career opportunities within the realm of graph analytics. Upon completion, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of what graph analytics is and how it can be leveraged within your analytics career.

Table of Contents

1 Network analysis

1. Understanding Graph Analytics
2 Demystifying graph analytics
3 Nodes, edges, and properties

2. Benefits and Applications
4 Applying graph analytics
5 Social networks and marketing
6 Financial analysis

3. Career Opportunities
7 Tools to know

8 What’s next