D3 on AngularJS

D3 on AngularJS
D3 on AngularJS by Ari Lerner, Victor Powell
English | 2014 | 144 Pages | PDF, EPUB, MOBI | 11 MB

The D3 on AngularJS book is packed with the solutions you need to be a D3 and AngularJS expert. AngularJS is an advanced front-end framework released by the team at Google. It enables you to build a rich front-end experience, quickly and easily and D3 is an advanced data visualization framework released by Mike Bostock.
The D3 on AngularJS gives you the cutting-edge tools you need to get up and running on AngularJS and creating impressive web experiences in no time. The goal of this book is not only to give you a deep understanding of how D3 works, but how to integrate it properly into your own AngularJS apps.
With these tools you can dive into making your own dynamic visualizations with AngularJS while being confident in understanding the technology.