CSS Essential Training 3

CSS Essential Training 3
CSS Essential Training 3
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Now that you know the basics of CSS, you can relax a bit. In this course—the third installment in a series—get acquainted with some advanced CSS concepts that can help you enhance your websites even further. Christina Truong covers new CSS layout options that can make your life simpler, including how to use grids and how to use a flexbox of flex containers and flex items. She explains how Retina displays changed how images and graphics are displayed—and in turn, altered how developers build websites. In addition, she shows how to add animation and transitions, and make your site accessible to as many people as possible.

Topics include:

  • Designing with a grid
  • Working with a flexbox
  • Retina and high-density displays
  • Raster and vector graphics
  • Retina and images
  • Animation and shapes
  • CSS3 keyframes and animation
  • CSS shapes
  • CSS shape functions
  • Responsive typography
  • Fluid typography
  • Accessibility and ARIA
  • Style guides for CSS
Table of Contents

02-What you should know
03-Using the exercise files
04-Review CSS layout
05-Design with a grid
06-Intro to CSS Grid
07-CSS Grid example
08-Intro to flexbox
09-Retina and high-density displays
10-Raster and vector graphics
11-Intro to SVG
12-SVG exercise
13-Retina and images
14-Retina and background images
15-CSS3 transition property
16-CSS3 keyframes and animation
17-CSS shapes
18-CSS shape functions
19-Responsive typography
20-Fluid typography
21-Advanced attribute selectors
23-Accessibility and ARIA
24-CSS style guides
26-Next steps