Creating Your First Spring Boot Microservice

Creating Your First Spring Boot Microservice
Creating Your First Spring Boot Microservice
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Turbocharge your back-end Java RESTful API development with Spring Boot and Spring Data technologies. This course is intended for experienced Java developers who want to rapidly build microservices that connect with relational databases via the Java Persistence API (JPA). Here, Mary Ellen Bowman walks you through a step-by-step process for building a microservice with an exposed RESTful API featuring HATEOAS, paging, and sorting. Learn about technologies such as Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, and Spring Data REST, and see how they all come together into smart and elegant solutions. To wrap up, Mary Ellen guides developers in migrating a microservice to a MongoDB data source.

Topics include:

  • Setting up the project
  • Building, deploying, and launching the microservice
  • Declaring Spring Data JPA repository interfaces
  • Invoking repositories
  • Using Spring Data query methods
  • Exposing RESTful APIs with Spring Data REST
  • Using the /search resource to invoke query methods
  • Paging and sorting
  • Declaring a new RESTController
  • Creating HTTP methods for updating and deleting data
  • Migrating microservices to a MongoDB repository
Table of Contents

1 Build a microservice with Spring Boot
2 Using the exercise files

Create a Spring Boot Microservice
3 Introduction to Spring Initialzr
4 Project setup
5 Build deploy and launch the microservice

Leverage Spring Data JPA Repository Interfaces
6 The domain model
7 The JPA entities
8 Declare Spring Data JPA repository interfaces
9 Spring Data JPA repository dependency injection
10 Invoking the Spring Data JPA repositories
11 Introduction to Spring Data query methods

Expose RESTful APIs with Spring Data REST
12 What is a hypermedia-driven RESTful API
13 Creating APIs with Spring Data REST
14 Explore the search resource
15 Paging and sorting
16 Controlling API exposure
17 HAL Browser

Expose RESTful APIs with Spring MVC
18 Choosing the right framework
19 Declaring a new RestController
20 Create RestController HTTP POST method
21 Create RestController HTTP GET methods
22 Create RestController HTTP PUSH PATCH and DELETE methods
23 Paging and sorting DTOs

Pivot to a MongoDB NoSQL Data Source
24 Introduction to MongoDB
25 Spring Data MongoDB documents
26 Spring Data MongoDB repositories
27 Spring Data MongoDB microservice

28 Next steps