Creating a Security Awareness Program

Creating a Security Awareness Program
Creating a Security Awareness Program
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By implementing a security awareness program, you can turn people into assets—not fragile targets. A truly robust and mature security program makes educating employees a top priority in a company’s overall multilayered approach. In this course, Lauren Zink shows how to develop and implement a successful, ongoing security awareness program that’s so much more than just one phishing simulation or an annual required training. True security awareness necessitates year-round, relevant, and tailored training and communications that create an overall cultural shift you can measure. Through this course, discover how to sketch out your program plan, create a budget, leverage creative approaches for keeping your employees engaged, and assess the effectiveness of your program.

Topics include:

  • What is security awareness?
  • Leveraging company policies to drive communications
  • Surveying employees to understand threats
  • Developing an awareness plan
  • Developing a brand for your security team
  • Measuring the success of your program
Table of Contents

1 Ready your security program
2 What is security awareness
3 Getting to know the teams
4 Understanding company policies
5 Survey employees to understand threats
6 Developing a program plan
7 Understanding your budget
8 Developing a brand
9 Creating traditional training
10 Finding security champions and liaisons
11 Creating nontraditional training
12 Finding creative ways to brand
13 Conducting social engineering tests
14 Developing an annual training event
15 Making the security team accessible
16 Measuring cultural change
17 What can you do with the metrics
18 Next steps