Creating Interactive Tableau Dashboards

Creating Interactive Tableau Dashboards
Creating Interactive Tableau Dashboards
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Learn how to create compelling, informative, and eye-catching dashboards using Tableau, the interactive data visualization software. This course covers how to take the connected data you’ve analyzed and share it on presentable dashboards. Data analytics expert Matt Francis first encourages you to consider four main questions before creating each dashboard: who is your dashboard for, what do they need to know, where will the dashboard be displayed, and why is the information important. Then he takes you step by step through the process of making a dashboard, including designing a good layout, adding charts, labeling items, coloring elements, filtering the data displayed, and adding interactive features. Lastly, Matt discusses how to use storytelling and narrative to make data more engaging.

Topics include:

  • Determining the purpose of a dashboard
  • Making dashboards for specific audiences
  • Creating dashboards for mobile devices
  • Setting up an informative dashboard
  • Posting explorative data
  • Sharing insights on persuasive dashboards
  • Designing organized dashboard layouts
  • Adding actions to a dashboard
Table of Contents

1 Design dashboards in Tableau
2 What you should know
3 The four questions for every dashboard
4 Who is the dashboard for
5 Where is the dashboard viewed
6 Why are you making the dashboard
7 What question do you want to answer
8 Create a basic dashboard
9 Size your dashboard
10 Floating vs. tiles layout
11 How to use layout containers
12 Titles on your dashboard
13 Challenge Create a basic dashboard
14 Solution Create a basic dashboard
15 Apply filters across sheets
16 Highlight data with annotations
17 Additional information and help
18 Collapsible containers to show or hide elements
19 Challenge Modifying dashboards
20 Solution Modifying dashboards
21 Dashboard colors
22 Remove chart junk
23 Visually group elements with borders
24 Challenge Dashboard design
25 Solution Dashboard design
26 Add interaction with actions
27 Filter actions
28 Highlight actions
29 URL actions
30 Go to Sheet
31 Proportional brushing using set actions
32 Asymmetric drill down using set actions
33 Highlight with parameter actions
34 Challenge Dashboard actions
35 Solution Dashboard actions
36 Data viz vs. data stories
37 Narrative structure
38 Big stories
39 Small stories
40 Challenge Dashboard stories
41 Solution Dashboard stories
42 Build an exploratory dashboard
43 Build an informative dashboard
44 Build a data story
45 Build a KPI dashboard
46 Design for tablets and mobile
47 Challenge Dashboard styles
48 Solution Dashboard styles
49 Next steps