C++ Essential Training

C++ Essential Training

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Whether you are a beginning programmer or an advanced one, it may be time to level up your C++ skills. In this course, Bill Weinman helps you do exactly that. Bill discusses the history of C++ and modern C++, as well. He explains the C++ toolchain, then dives into basics you need to know, like basic syntax, statements and expressions, identifiers, variables, pointers, and references. Bill discusses flow control conditionals, loops, and functions. He deep dives into data types, operators, and functions, then walks you through how to use classes and objects. Plus, Bill covers how to to use templates, including the Standard Template Library (STL).

Table of Contents

1 Learn C++
2 Using the exercise files
3 What is C++

Toolchain and Installation
4 The C++ toolchain
5 Using an IDE with the exercise files
6 Check for stdformat support

The Basics
7 Basic syntax
8 Anatomy of a C++ program
9 Statements and expressions
10 Identifiers
11 Defining variables
12 Pointers and references

Flow Control
13 Conditionals
14 Loops
15 Iterating with for
16 Functions

Data Types
17 Overview of data types
18 Integer types
19 Floating point types
20 The auto type
21 Qualifiers
22 Type aliases
23 Primitive arrays
24 C-strings
25 Structures
26 Challenge Library card
27 Solution Library card

28 Common operators
29 Compound assignment operators
30 Increment and decrement operators
31 Operator precedence
32 Challenge Prime numbers
33 Solution Prime numbers

34 Overview of C++ functions
35 Passing values to a function
36 Returning values from a function
37 Using recursion
38 Challenge Non-recursive factorial
39 Solution Non-recursive factorial

Classes and Objects
40 Overview of classes and objects
41 Data members
42 Function members
43 Constructors and destructors
44 Operator overloads
45 Non-member operators
46 Challenge Non-member operators
47 Solution Non-member operators

48 Understanding templates
49 Template functions
50 Template classes
51 Challenge Template factorial
52 Solution Template factorial

Standard Template Library
53 Overview of the STL
54 Vectors
55 Strings
56 Format
57 IO Stream
58 Challenge Transform a file (STL)
59 Solution Transform a file (STL)

60 Thank you