Computer Science Illuminated, 6th Edition

Computer Science Illuminated, 6th Edition
Computer Science Illuminated, 6th Edition by Nell Dale, John Lewis
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1284055917 | 700 Pages | PDF (conv) | 12 MB

Fully revised and updated, the Sixth Edition of the best-selling text Computer Science Illuminated retains the accessibility and in-depth coverage of previous editions, while incorporating all-new material on cutting-edge issues in computer science. Authored by the award-winning Nell Dale and John Lewis, Computer Science Illuminated’s unique and innovative layered approach moves through the levels of computing from an organized, language-neutral perspective.
Designed for the introductory computing and computer science course, this student-friendly Sixth Edition provides students with a solid foundation for further study, and offers non-majors a complete introduction to computing.
Key Features of the Sixth Edition include:

  • Access to Navigate 2 online learning materials including a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, learning analytics reporting tools, and more
  • Completely revised sections on HTML and CSS
  • Updates regarding Top Level Domains, Social Networks, and Google Analytics
  • All-new section on Internet management, including ICANN control and net neutrality
  • New design, including fully revised figures and tables
  • New and updated Did You Know callouts are included in the chapter margins
  • New and revised Ethical Issues and Biographies throughout emphasize the history and breadth of computing
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A collection of programming language chapters are available as low-cost bundling options. Available chapters include: Java, C++, Python, Alice, SQL, VB.NET, RUBY, Perl, Pascal, and JavaScript.