CompTIA N10-006: CompTIA Network+

CompTIA N10-006: CompTIA Network+
CompTIA N10-006: CompTIA Network+
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Brand new CompTIA Network+ 006 (2015) Certification is a worldwide recognized qualification which validates the skills of networking professionals. The qualification recognizes a technician’s ability to describe the features and functions of network components and to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure. This course makes sure the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to implement a defined network architecture with basic network security. Furthermore, a successful candidate will be able to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot network devices using appropriate network tools and understand the features and purpose of network technologies. Candidates will be able to make basic solution recommendations, analyze network traffic, and be familiar with common protocols and media types.

Table of Contents

01 Introduction To Networking
02 Networking 101
03 Networking Models And Topologies
04 Network Components And Services
05 Becoming A Network Professional
06 Introducing Network Standards
08 IEEE Network Standards
09 Transmission Fundamentals
10 Copper Media Types
11 Opiitcal Media Types
12 Specialty Connectors And Cabling
13 Lan Infrastructure Wiring
14 Overview Of TCP_IP
15 The Protocol Suite Part1
16 The Protocol Suite Part2
17 IPV4 Addressing Part1
18 IPV4 Addressing Part2
19 Create IPV4 Subnets Part1
20 Create IPV4 Subnets Part2
21 IPv6 Adressing
22 Transitioning To IPv6
23 IP Address Assignment Services Part1
24 IP Address Assignment Services Part2
25 Name Resolution Services Part1
26 Name Resolution Services Part2
27 Introduction To Network Devices
28 Physical Layer Devices
29 DataLink Layer Devices Part1
30 DataLink Layer Devices Part2
31 DataLink Layer Devices Part1
32 DataLink Layer Devices Part2
33 Additional Network Devices Part1
34 Additional Network Devices Part2
35 Wireless Networking Fundamentals
36 Wireless Networking Standards
37 Wireless Security Fundamentals
38 Planning For Wireless Networks
39 WAN Fundamentals
40 Wired WAN Connections Part1
41 Wired WAN Connections Part2
42 Fiber WAN Connections Part1
43 Fiber WAN Connections Part2
44 Introduction To Remote Networking
45 Authenticating Remote Connections
46 Understanding Virtual Private Networks
47 Network Security 101
48 Planning For Network Security Part1
49 Planning For Network Security Part12
50 Planning For Network Security Part3
51 Identifying Threats And Vulnerbilities Part1
52 Identifying Threats And Vulnerbilities Part2
53 Identifying Threats And Vulnerbilities Part3
54 ProtectingThe Network Part1
55 ProtectingThe Network Part2
56 ProtectingThe Network Part3
57 ProtectingThe Network Part4
58 Incident Response And Computer Forensic
59 Maintaining Business Continuity Part1
60 Maintaining Business Continuity Part2
61 Virtualization And Cloud Computing Part1
62 Virtualization And Cloud Computing Part2
63 Virtualization And Cloud Computing Part3
64 Virtualization And Cloud Computing Part4
65 Unified communication
66 Network Safety Fundamentals
67 Maintaining And Monitoring Networks Part1
68 Maintaining And Monitoring Networks Part2
69 Maintaining And Monitoring Networks Part3
70 Maintaining And Monitoring Networks Part4
71 Maintaining And Monitoring Networks Part1
72 Maintaining And Monitoring Networks Part2
73 Understanding Troubleshooting Tools Part1
74 Understanding Troubleshooting Tools Part2
75 Troubleshooting Network Issue Part1
76 Troubleshooting Network Issue Part2
77 Course Outro