CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001) Cert Prep: Data Concepts and Environments

CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001) Cert Prep: Data Concepts and Environments

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Are you seeking your CompTIA Data+ certification? This course is part of a six-course series preparing you for the Data+ exam. In this course, Mike Chapple, a professor of information technology, analytics, and operations, presents information that you’ll need to know about data concepts and environments. Mike makes sure you understand data: the value of data, types of data, key/value pairs, and so on. Then he dives into data file formats, such as text files, JSON data, HTML data, and XML data. Mike also explains relational databases, OLTP and OLAP data stores, non-relational databases, and data schemas.

Table of Contents

1 Data concepts and environments
2 What you need to know

1. Understanding Data
3 The value of data
4 Structured vs. unstructured data
5 Tabular data
6 Keyvalue pairs

2. Data Types
7 Numeric data
8 Text data
9 Discrete vs. continuous data
10 Dates and times
11 Multimedia data

3. Data File Formats
12 Text files
13 JSON data
14 HTML data
15 XML data

4. Data Storage
16 Relational databases
17 OLTP and OLAP
18 Non-relational databases
19 Data schemas

Next Steps
20 Continuing your studies