The Complete Regular Expressions Course with Exercises

The Complete Regular Expressions Course with Exercises
The Complete Regular Expressions Course with Exercises
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Learn All Regular Expressions for PHP Javascript Python Java Ruby Perl and Unix systems with exercises from scratch.

In today’s world we have to deal with a lot of data coming from different sources.

Data from social media , blogs , companies anything you name. And for a developer its a hell of job for you to work only with relevant data whether you are searching a database, validating user inputs on forms or even in the process of building a website. And this is the place where RE can make your work a lot easy,.

Knowing Regex, how to use regular expressions effectively is a valuable skill that can quickly take your skill-set to top. Logic in programming language requires a long coding work but regular expressions can do the same job within 2 to 3 lines. Regular expressions are such an incredibly convenient tool, available across so many languages that most developers will learn them sooner or later.

RE act like a filter, and they will filter only relevant data which programmer asked for. So, They can save your time, reduce your coding work and increase your productivity. That's why, RE is a must skill for back-End developers and Data Scientists,

In this course we will look into RE as a whole because they are supported in every Programming language and Unix based systems.

Course Road-Map

  1. Setting up the environment
  2. Regular expression basic syntax
  3. working with simple text, characters, numbers
  4. Quantifiers and Repetitions
  5. Greedy and Lazy Approaches
  6. Learning Groups
  7. Advance Topics
  8. Group Capturing
  9. Back-References
  10. Assertions with all types
  11. All Exercise files
  12. Project
  • Regular Expressions for Names
  • Regular Expressions for Email
  • Regular Expressions for Website URL
  • Regular Expressions for matching IP Addresses
  • Regular Expressions for Dates
  • Regular Expressions for Times
  • Regular Expressions for Postal Codes
  • Regular Expressions for matching credit card numbers
  • Regular Expressions for creating strong Passwords

What Will I Learn?

  • Easily work with Complete Syntax of Regular Expressions
  • Have better understanding of Regex topics.
  • Create easy and complex regular expressions
  • Work with any supported Regexp Engine
  • Increase code Optimization
  • Proudly stand in Market
Table of Contents

1 Course
2 Dont be this guy

Establishing Environment
3 What is Regular Expression
4 RE Engines
5 RE Offline Engines
6 RE Online Engines

All about Characters
7 Basic Syntax
8 Literal Characters
9 Modes
10 Meta Characters
11 WildCard
12 Character Set
13 Character Ranges
14 Restricting RE
15 Escaping Meta Characters
16 Escaping Sets
17 Ending Chapter

Quantifiers and Repetitions
18 Quantifiers and Repetitions
19 Limiting Repetition
20 Greedy Expressions
21 Lazy Expressions
22 Greedy Lazy Testing

23 Groups
24 Alternation
25 Nested Alternation
26 Anchors
27 Another Anchors Example
28 Other Alternative Anchors
29 Word Boundaries

Advance Topics in Groups
30 Capturing and Back-references
31 Capturing and Back-references Examples
32 Application
33 Non Capturing Groups

34 Look Around Assertions
35 Positive Look Ahead Assertions
36 Positive Look Ahead Assertions Example 1
37 Positive Look Ahead Assertions Example 2
38 Negetive Look Ahead Assertions with Example
39 Look Behind Assertions types with Examples
40 Uni-Codes

41 Names
42 Name Exercise
43 Email
44 Email Exercise
45 URLs
46 Web Address URLs Exercise
47 IP Addresses
48 IP Exercise
49 Dates
50 Date Exercise
51 Times
52 Time Exercise
53 Postal Codes
54 ZIP Code Exercise
55 Credit Crad Numbers
56 CCN Exercise
57 Passwords
58 Password Exercise

59 Bonus Lecture
60 For more