Complete Python Masterclass

Complete Python Masterclass
Complete Python Masterclass
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This Python For Beginners Course Teaches You The Python Language Fast. Includes Python Online Training With Python 3

Whether you want to:

  • build the skills you need to get your first Python programming job
  • move to a more senior software developer position
  • get started with Machine Learning, Data Science, Django or other hot areas that Python specialises in
  • or just learn Python to be able to create your own Python apps quickly.

…then you need a solid foundation in Python programming. And this course is designed to give you those core skills, fast.

This course is aimed at complete beginners who have never programmed before, as well as existing programmers who want to increase their career options by learning Python.

The fact is, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world – Huge companies like Google use it in mission critical applications like Google Search.

And Python is the number one language choice for machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. To get those high paying jobs you need an expert knowledge of Python, and that’s what you will get from this course.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to apply in confidence for Python programming jobs. And yes, this applies even if you have never programmed before. With the right skills which you will learn in this course, you can become employable and valuable in the eyes of future employers.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn

(It’s okay if you don’t understand all this yet, you will in the course)

  • All the essential Python keywords, operators, statements, and expressions needed to fully understand exactly what you’re coding and why – making programming easy to grasp and less frustrating
  • You will learn the answers to questions like What is the Python For Loop, what is Python used for, how Python switch the traditional syntax of code, and more.
  • Complete chapters on object-oriented programming and many other aspects of Python, including tKInter (for building GUI Interfaces) and using databases with Python.
  • Although this is primarily a Python 3 course, a python developer will need to work with Python 2 projects from time to time – We’ll show the difference in both versions to make sure you understand how things work differently in each version.
  • How to develop powerful Python applications using one of the most powerful Integrated Development Environments on the market, IntelliJ IDEA! – Meaning you can code functional programs easier. IntelliJ has both a FREE and PAID version, and you can use either in this course. PyCharm will also work just fine.

(Don’t worry if you want to use another IDE. You’re free to use any IDE and still get the most out of this course).

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to the course

Python Setup for Windows
2 Introduction
3 Install Python on Windows
4 IDLE On Windows with a cool demo app!
5 Installing IntelliJ on Windows
6 Configuring IntelliJ and Pycharm on Windows
7 Free 90 Day Extended Trial of IntelliJ Ultimate Edition Now Available
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Python Setup for Mac
9 Introduction
10 Downloading And Installing Python On Mac OS X
11 IDLE on Mac OS X with a cool demo app!
12 Installing Intellij on Mac
13 Configuring IntelliJ and Pycharm on Mac
14 Free 90 Day Extended Trial of IntelliJ Ultimate Edition Now Available
15 Move to next section!

Python Setup for Linux
16 Introduction
17 Downloading And Installing Python On Ubuntu Linux
18 IDLE on Ubuntu Linux with a cool demo app!
19 Installing Intellij on Linux
20 Configuring IntelliJ and Pycharm on Linux
21 Free 90 Day Extended Trial of IntelliJ Ultimate Edition Now Available

The Basics of Python
22 Introduction
23 Getting To Know Python
24 Understanding More About Python
25 Storing Items In Variables
26 More About Variables And Strings
27 String Formatting – Displaying Numbers And Strings

Program Flow Control in Python
28 Introduction
29 An Introduction To Program Flow Control
30 Test Conditions With If, ElIf & Else
31 More Advanced If, ElIf & Else Processing
32 Challenge – If Then Else
33 For Loops
34 Extending For Loops
35 Understanding Continue, Break And Else
36 Augmented Assignment
37 Challenge – Program Flow – Part 1
38 Challenge – Program Flow – Part 2
39 While Loops
40 Challenge – While Loop

Lists, Ranges & Tuples in Python
41 Introduction
42 Lists In Python
43 More About Lists
44 Challenge – Lists
45 Understanding Iterators
46 Understanding and using Ranges
47 More About Ranges
48 Ordered Sets With Tuples
49 More On Ordered Sets With Tuples

The Binary number system explained
50 Introduction to the Section
51 Binary Basics
52 What is binary
53 Hexadecimal and Octal and the Challenge

Python Dictionaries and Sets
54 Introduction to the Section
55 Python Dictionaries
56 Dictionaries Part 2
57 Dictionaries Part 3
58 Dictionaries Challenge
59 More on Dictionaries
60 The Second Dictionary Challenge
61 Sets
62 Python Sets Part 2 and Challenge

Input and Output (I/O) in Python
63 Introduction to the Section
64 Reading and writing text files
65 Writing Text Files
66 Appending to Files and Challenge
67 Writing Binary Files Manually
68 Using Pickle To Write Binary Files
69 Shelve
70 Manipulating Data With Shelve
71 Updating With Shelve
72 Shelve Challenge
73 Challenge Continued

Modules and Functions in Python
74 Introduction to the Section
75 Modules and import
76 The standard Python library
77 WebBrowser Module
78 Time and DateTime in Python
79 Time (Continued) and Challenge.
80 Timezones
81 Check Path In Windows
82 Check Path on a Mac
83 Installing the pytz module (Windows/Mac/Linux)
84 Using Timezones
85 More on Timezones
86 Timezone Challenge
87 Introduction to Tkinter
88 TkInter – Pack Geometry Manager
89 TkInter – Grid Geometry Manager
90 Advanced GUI Example Part 1
91 Advanced GUI Example Part 2
92 Advanced GUI Example Part 3
93 Tkinter Challenge
94 Functions in Python
95 Functions Part 2
96 Functions Part 3
97 Parabola – More on Functions
98 Scope in Functions
99 Fix Function and Draw Circles
100 Enhanced Circles and Challenge
101 Blackjack Setup
102 Load Cards
103 Deal Cards
104 Global Variables
105 Global Keyword
106 Test Blackjack Game
107 Blackjack Challenge
108 Importing Techniques
109 Underscores in Python code
110 Namespaces, more on Scope and Recursion
111 Recursion with OS Module and Filesystem and Nonlocal keyword
112 Nonlocal keyword, Free and LEGB

Object Oriented Python
113 Object Orientated Programming and Classes
114 Instances, Constructors, Self and more
115 Class Attributes
116 Methods Part 1
117 Methods Part 2
118 Non Public and Mangling
119 DocStrings and Raw Literals
120 Album class and More on DocStrings
121 Artist class and import Albums
122 Load data and Write Checkfile
123 Compile Files and Algorithm Flowcharts
124 Implement Revised Load_Data Algorithm
125 Write OOP Version
126 Getters and Properties
127 Remove Circular References Challenge
128 Getters and Setters
129 Data Attributes and Properties
130 Alternate Syntax for Properties
131 Inheritance
132 Subclasses and Overloading
133 Calling Super Methods
134 Changing Behavior of Methods
135 Overriding Methods
136 Inheritance Challenge
137 Polymorphism
138 Duck Test
139 Composition
140 Composition Continued
141 Test Code and Challenge
142 Aggregation

Using Databases in Python
143 Introduction to Databases
144 Database Terminology
145 Sqlite3 Install on Windows
146 Sqlite3 Install on a Mac
147 SQLite3 Install on Ubuntu Linux
148 Introduction to SQLite
149 More with SQL using SQLite
150 Querying data with Sqlite
151 Order by and Joins
152 More complex Joins
153 Wildcards and Views
154 Housekeeping and the Challenge
155 SQL in Python
156 Connections, Cursors and Transactions
157 SQL Injection Attacks
158 Placeholders and Parameter Substitution
159 Exceptions
160 Exceptions Challenge
161 Exceptions Continued
162 Raising Exceptions
163 More on Exceptions
164 Custom Exceptions
165 Rolling back Transactions
166 Adding Database code to the Account Class
167 GUI Database Editing Overview
168 Ultimate Edition Database View
169 Community Edition Database Plugin
170 Update Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
171 Displaying Time in Different Timezones
172 SQLite3 strftime Function
173 Challenge
174 Problems Storing Timezones
175 Rolling Back Transactions
176 Simple Database Browser
177 Scrollbars
178 Star Args
179 Kwargs
180 More on KWArgs
181 Scrollable Listbox
182 Populating a Listbox from a Database
183 Show Songs from Album
184 The DataListbox Class Code
185 Linking our DataListBoxes
186 Linking our DataListBoxes Continued
187 DataListbox Challenge
188 Section currently being added to regularly

Generators, Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions
189 Introduction
190 Generators and Yield
191 Next and Ranges
192 Generator Examples – Fibonacci numbers and Calculating Pi
193 The os.walk Generator
194 Searching the Filesystem
195 Reading Mp3 Tags
196 List Comprehensions
197 List Comprehensions and Side-Effects
198 Challenge Solutions
199 Conditional Comprehensions
200 Conditional Expressions
201 Challenges
202 Challenge 1 Solution
203 Challenge 2 Solution
204 Nested Comprehensions
205 Nested Comprehensions Challenge
206 The timeit Module
207 More on timeit
208 timeit Continued and Challenge
209 timeit Challenge
210 Map Intro
211 Map Challenge Completion
212 The Filter Function
213 The Reduce Function
214 any and all
215 Named Tuples
216 any and all with Comprehensions

217 Packages
218 Virtual Environments
219 Content Coming Soon

Contents to come!
220 List of content to be added
221 Python Font Test Video

Bonus Material
222 Bonus – Please Watch!
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224 Source code for all Programs