The Complete Python Developer Course

The Complete Python Developer Course
The Complete Python Developer Course
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 9 Hours | 1.17 GB

Learn Python like a Professional! Start step by step from basic to build complete games and apps with python 3

This course for anyone who want to be Python programmer from scratch, We will start by discus all programming fundamentals that you need to start programming Python. We will start first by install the development environment then you will run your first Python app, and understand how program flow works in Python. Then we will talk about variables and Math operation and proirites. Then we will take about logic and making decision, then we will talk about loops. Then we will talk about how to work with Sqlite database and files.Then we will talk about functions and OOP concept that you need to use when you program apps with Python, then we will talk about multi-processing and how you could run multi-process in same time, then we will talk about Databases, then we will talk about collections and which type collection you have to use for better performance depend on your app. Then we will talk about how to read JSON from HTTP URL, then we will talk about build desktop GUI application with custom user experiences with UI apps . Finally we will build complete games and apps like Tic Tac Toy and Ticket reservation

What You Will Learn

  • Build your First app in Python
  • Build Games like Tic Tac Toy
  • Build complete ticket reservation desktop app
  • Understand the programming foundation
  • Design Python GUI apps
  • Understand the programming logic, condition and control
  • Understand the OOP in Python
  • Work with database and file
  • Working with multi threading
  • Read JSON from HTTP
Table of Contents

Introduction and Setup the environment
1 Introduction
2 Install python on Windows
3 Install python on Mac
4 Install python on Ubuntu
5 Exercise files

Variables and Objects
6 Program Concept
7 Run First App
8 Variables Concept
9 Python variables
10 Python is Objects
11 Strings

13 tuples and Lists
14 Dictionary
15 Mutable and Immutable Object

Operations and Priorities
16 Math operations
17 Bitwise
18 Boolean operations
19 Priorites
20 Convert between Data Type
21 slice
22 Debug
23 Find Age App
24 Convert between data Types

Decision Making
25 Simple IF
26 IF-Else
27 IF-ElseIF
28 Nested IF

Loop Control
29 While Loop
30 Simple For Loop
31 Nested For Loop
32 Break and Continue

33 Python Syntax __ spacing__ Main method
34 Simple Function
35 Global and Local Variables
36 lambda expressions

37 Exceptions_ Try-Catch
38 File Write
39 File Read

Database __ Use Sqlite
40 Create Sqlite database and table
41 Add Record to the Table
42 Select data from Table
43 Delete Record from Table
44 Update tables and enhance code

Object Oriented Programming
45 What is OOP
46 Basic class
47 More examples_ Car Class
48 Constructor
49 kwargs
50 inheritance
51 Override method
52 Create new Model
53 Convert Database connection file to OOP Class_

Web Services
54 Learn JSON and XML
55 Read JSON from HTTP

Built-in Functions
56 map()
57 Filter()
58 reduce()

Multi Threading
59 Multi Threading Concept
60 Multi Threading example

Python GUI
61 Introduction to GUIs
62 First GUI App__ Button events
63 Entry and Button
64 Callback
65 Events
66 Style and theme
67 styling and Image
68 Gride
69 Frame
70 Grid__ Login Page Example
71 MessageBox
72 RadionButton and CheckButton
73 TreeView

Tic Tac Toy Game
74 Design Game Layout
75 Play the Game
76 Apply Game Rules and Find the Winer
77 Play game with computer

Ticket reservation Python GUI Project
78 Ticket Reservation Overview
79 Layout design
80 Style and method access
81 Book Ticket
82 List all Tickets